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she-speaks-logoAs I’ve mentioned, oh 2 or 20 times in the past few months, I am absolutely delighted to be participating in the She Speaks Conference this year as a real live speaker person.  I still can’t even type those words without the running the risk of snorting coffee out my nose.  Let’s just say I’m much more comfortable sitting behind the computer in my pajamas and my day-old hair while communicating in a forum where I can revise and edit to my heart’s content and I don’t have to worry about stuttering or talking too fast.

However.  When Lysa called and asked me about speaking on the topic of running blog giveaways, I think I talked her ear clean off.  So I figure I’ll have enough to say to fill the time, even though I talk twice as fast as any ordinary person.

In case you don’t know what She Speaks is all about, it is an annual conference run by Proverbs 31 Ministries and Lysa TerKeurst that equips Christian women who desire to be speakers, writers, and women’s ministry leaders.  There is a track for each niche with opportunities to learn, to be encouraged and mentored, and even to meet with book publishers.  Yeah, it’s big time!

Last year they initiated an abbreviated blogging track, and they asked three of my favorite bloggers — women that I had read and admired for many months — to lead those sessions.  As soon as I heard that, I was on the first plane to North Carolina.  That is to say, I was online purchasing my plane ticket.

I drug my friend and long-time fan and subscriber of the Proverbs 31 magazine, Sarah, along with me, and we shared a room with Robin of Pensieve, who we had never met before that weekend.  Robin is now a dear friend and I have THE FONDEST memories of that weekend.  You can read all about it here, if you’re so inclined.

Because of the popularity of the blogging sessions last year, this year there will be a complete track of blogging sessions, and I cannot express how privileged and unworthy I feel to be included among the other speakers — Melanie, Sophie, Dawn, Nester, and Emily.  The conference is being held July 31-Aug 2 and I hope some of you will be there!!

I know the conference cost is a bit daunting, but I can attest that it is WELL worth it.  And if it’s not exactly in the budget, Lysa is sponsoring a She Speaks Conference Scholarship Contest this week.  You can find all of the details on her blog, but what you’ll want to do is write a post about the She Speaks Conference and why you would like to win a scholarship and then link in to Lysa’s post by Friday, March 27.

I do hope some of you will be there.  I am on pins and needles I’m so excited.  Come with plenty o’ questions about hosting giveaways because I am going to be ALL ALONE UP THERE WITH A MICROPHONE ATTACHED TO MY PERSON and I’m not quite sure how I’m going to handle that.

And if you’re interested in attending, don’t miss Lysa’s contest.  It’s a great opportunity to go to She Speaks for free.  And who doesn’t like FREE!?

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8 thoughts on “She Speaks ’09

  1. It’s getting closer! Half of me can’t wait, the other half is ready to hunker down hiding under the coffee table until, oh..mid-August when all this speaking stuff is OVER! Fun, though, right? Right?!

  2. I’m so excited to go!! Although I’m wondering…if you go alone, do they just assign you to a room with someone?

  3. I can just imagine how exciting it must be to not only MEET your blogging heroes but to also be on the speaking team with them!! Congratulations! And now I’m off to see what I need to do to win that contest! 😉

  4. It sounds like a fantastic conference! Truly!

    BUT it’s in NC. In July.

    And I’m in Arizona. And my newborn baby will be only 4 months old in July.

    So I won’t be attending this year.

    Maybe next year…

    I will look forward to hearing about your experience and seeing your photos. Your session is going to be wonderful.

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