She’s Making Her List… Checking it twice!

Mani/pedi… CHECK!

Boarding passes… CHECK!

Laptop… CHECK!

Blackberry… CHECK!

Camera… CHECK!

Various chargers and batteries… CHECK!

Business cards… CHECK!

Trouser jeans… CHECK!

Black sweater… CHECK!

Gray sweater… CHECK!  (A girl’s gotta have options.)

Fancy red patent leather shoes… CHECK!

Sweater dress… CHECK!

Accessories… CHECK!

Slippers flip-flops… CHECK!

Cute pajamas sweatpants and t-shirt… CHECK!

Stop right there.  Run, don’t walk, RUN to your nearest Aeropostale and get yourself two pairs of these sweatpants.  That’s one to wear, and one to wash.  Because trust me, you will NEVER want to wear anything else ever again.  These are by far the coziest, comfiest pair of pants I have ever worn.  I almost cried when I had to take them off this afternoon and wash them and pack them for Blissdom.


Speaking of crying (okay, that was a bumpy segue; bear with me) my precious 3-year-old daughter’s top tooth has suddenly and inexplicably turned dark gray.  It’s gruesome.  My husband walks around the house humming the theme song to the Beverly Hillbillies, but haven’t yet been able to find the humor in the situation.  My kids have a dentist appointment on Tuesday, so I plan to inquire about it then, but I’m fairly certain there is nothing they can do.  If you look closely you can see it in this picture.  This is when it was just starting to go.  Now it’s much darker. 🙁


We’ll never again know the child that once was…


Just feast your eyes on those pearly whites.  But alas, they are no more.  Really, I COULD cry.

Speaking of pearly whites.  Today I received in the mail a black leatherish box and opened it to find this inside:


I have never had a strand of pearls (unless you count the Barbara Bush variety that I had back in high school) and I’m so excited to give these a whirl this weekend!  AND I will be giving one of these away in a few weeks, so stay tuned!

So back to the weekend ahead.  I am so NOT ready.  I’ve made my list but I haven’t even begun to compile all the necessary ingredients, so I better be on my way.  I’ll be getting up at dark o’clock and make my way to the airport in the morning with Sarah.  We hope to meet up with Colleen at the airport, who is also on our flight.  I’m sure there will be no shortage of conversation (or Twittering!)

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  1. Oh girl! I’m in the middle of packing too. Well, washing clothes, so I can pack. Then I just realized I washed one of Asa’s diapers in there, too. Now that diaper-y gelly stuff is all over the clothes AND the washing machine. FUN TIMES.

  2. If I was spontaneous in any way I would just jump in the car and head to Nashville. It’s only about 4 hours away.

    Perhaps I should learn to be spontaneous.

  3. I wish I could be joining you in Nashville. Instead I’ll be spending my weekend at Costco, Target, Aero (thanks to you!), and the grocery store.

    I know. You’re jealous.

  4. okay, the gray tooth…..my son had the same thing happen, but it was due to a “trauma.” He fell pretty hard against the floor at preschool, and boom! tooth trauma…….the two front teeth were gray and yes, it was unsightly…they are a thing of the past now, though, as the dentist decided that we should pull them so they would not interfere with the new teeth coming in……he’s six. Not an experience I would wish to repeat……I have my fingers crossed for you…..have a good time at Blissdom…and the sweatpants look lovely!

  5. You are the second person to tell me about those sweats. I just might have to check them out. I got really comfy ones at Old Navy last spring, live in them.

    Have a great time!!!

  6. I don’t know what to tell you about the tooth. But I do have something to say about your packing list….
    I noticed there is no CHOCOLATE on the list. I guess you must plan on buying some really good stuff at the airport??? Oh, and about Aeropostale — my 5th grade daughter announced to me before Christmas that she wanted clothes from there. So a few days later, I’m standing in that store, having no idea what to pick out. So I turned to the poor little 18yr old boy working there, and said “Do I LOOK old enough to have a daughter who shops here???” Know what he said? He said “No, Mam.” MAM! I may as well have been 90 years old!!! Have a great trip 🙂

  7. I’m jealous!! My brother had the same thing happen when he was little. He took a header and his face met with a step. A tooth was gray until is came out. The dentist said there was nothing they could do. You have my sympathies.

  8. Like I need another excuse to wear sweats all day.

    I would assume she fell and hit it and it died. Just be glad it was a baby tooth.

    One of my friend’s 3 year old ate it on the kitchen tile – and knocked his tooth out. He is only 3, so it just doesn’t look right for him to be missing a tooth. He looks like he got in a bar fight.

    My point is, it coulda been worse.


  9. That must have been a fun list to make! And wow, that is a great review for sweatpants. Sign me up for 7 pair.

    I do know of someone where her teeth turned grey and the dentist did something to make them better. Not sure what it was called or if it is the same thing, but does it give you hope?

  10. So…I’m not the first to say this…but the tooth sounds like a trauma thing. Kennedy had that happen when she was 5 and there was nothing they could do until it fell out:(
    Have a great time – think about all of us who can’t go!

  11. Have faith and don’t panic. Two, count them 2, of my 4 have had baby teeth turn purple. The first was a kick to the mouth from big brother and the other was a split lip from a fall from a jungle gym. The worst case was #1 who ended up going to the dentist for a “pulpectomy” to keep the tooth to stay in there from age 2 to age 6 when the permanent tooth was ready. It eventually had to be removed by the same dentist (he did such a great job the root didn’t dissolve). No trauma to child, except the pacifier wouldn’t stay in for about an hour after the novacaine. Which was actually pretty hysterical for the parents. Have a great trip!

  12. “One to wear. One to wash” LOL You’re my kind of gal! That’s exactly the way I think when I find something I LOVE. Hopefully Stacy and Clinton would approve 🙂 Have fun on the trip!

  13. The pants are available only in XS. I cannot wear XS! I actually went to the site to buy them for me and my daughter. XS? Don’t they know we need to follow your sweatpant advice?

  14. Thanks for more great finds!
    I LOVE some great house-pants!! &
    Does that box say pearl paradise .com??
    Now there are two more things on my list of things to covet.

  15. You’ve got all the basics there. It certainly is hard to take off the sweats when they’re that comfy!

    Enjoy your pearls–I received some for Mother’s Day last year and I love them!

  16. My hubby bought me a pair of those aero sweats for Christmas. I totally wish that I had 2 pair. I can’t wear mine often enough. They are so comfy and warm on cold days. Have fun on your trip.

  17. Hope you’re having a great time at Blissdom!

    Sorry about your little one’s tooth. But of course you know she’s still so cute no matter what! : )

  18. Jo-Lynne, hope you are having a great time. From your tweets today, it definitely looks that way. I was planning to attend, but just could not get on that AM flight without saying a proper good-bye to a dear old friend. hoping I get to go next year and recoup some lost funds from this year’s ticket and air fare…

    those pearls are beautiful!!!

  19. Okay, now I REALLY want a pair of those Aeropostale pants! Do they come in colors other than gray? I’ll have to pop over that website again and take a look-see. Also: are they flattering…or just comfortable? In other words, do you wear them “out-and-about” or just around the house?

  20. Stephanie, I wear them out, for sure! they are too long, which is annoying. But otherwise I feel that they are cute. And honestly, I don’t really care. they just feel too good to take off! 🙂

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