She’s Making Her List… Checking it twice!

Mani/pedi… CHECK!

Boarding passes… CHECK!

Laptop… CHECK!

Blackberry… CHECK!

Camera… CHECK!

Various chargers and batteries… CHECK!

Business cards… CHECK!

Trouser jeans… CHECK!

Black sweater… CHECK!

Gray sweater… CHECK!  (A girl’s gotta have options.)

Fancy red patent leather shoes… CHECK!

Sweater dress… CHECK!

Accessories… CHECK!

Slippers flip-flops… CHECK!

Cute pajamas sweatpants and t-shirt… CHECK!

Stop right there.  Run, don’t walk, RUN to your nearest Aeropostale and get yourself two pairs of these sweatpants.  That’s one to wear, and one to wash.  Because trust me, you will NEVER want to wear anything else ever again.  These are by far the coziest, comfiest pair of pants I have ever worn.  I almost cried when I had to take them off this afternoon and wash them and pack them for Blissdom.


Speaking of crying (okay, that was a bumpy segue; bear with me) my precious 3-year-old daughter’s top tooth has suddenly and inexplicably turned dark gray.  It’s gruesome.  My husband walks around the house humming the theme song to the Beverly Hillbillies, but haven’t yet been able to find the humor in the situation.  My kids have a dentist appointment on Tuesday, so I plan to inquire about it then, but I’m fairly certain there is nothing they can do.  If you look closely you can see it in this picture.  This is when it was just starting to go.  Now it’s much darker. 🙁


We’ll never again know the child that once was…


Just feast your eyes on those pearly whites.  But alas, they are no more.  Really, I COULD cry.

Speaking of pearly whites.  Today I received in the mail a black leatherish box and opened it to find this inside:


I have never had a strand of pearls (unless you count the Barbara Bush variety that I had back in high school) and I’m so excited to give these a whirl this weekend!  AND I will be giving one of these away in a few weeks, so stay tuned!

So back to the weekend ahead.  I am so NOT ready.  I’ve made my list but I haven’t even begun to compile all the necessary ingredients, so I better be on my way.  I’ll be getting up at dark o’clock and make my way to the airport in the morning with Sarah.  We hope to meet up with Colleen at the airport, who is also on our flight.  I’m sure there will be no shortage of conversation (or Twittering!)