My daughters both have an obsession with long hair.  I’m pretty sure my younger daughter is only obsessed because of the influence of her older sister.  And because I always wanted long hair as a child (and didn’t have it until I was 25), I have obliged my daughters’ requests — even though my younger daughter’s fine, thin hair is not exactly conducive to long locks.  She usually looks like a street urchin 5 minutes after I’ve brushed and styled her hair.

Well.  I finally convinced her of the error of her ways, and tonight I took her to get her hair chopped.  She loves it.  I mean, really, this child is on cloud 9.  It’s so nice to see – #1, because it looks SO much better, ohmyWORD!  And #2, because I love how she is developing her own tastes and preferences apart from her adored big sister.

Take a look!



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  1. i said it on twitter already, but it looks SOOOOO good. my little one indulged me in the short haircut a sum total of- once. and now my little long-hair-obsessed maven is traumatized, to such a degree that i must hold my thumb and pointer finger no more than 2 cm apart when making reference to a proposed visit to the hairdresser.

    1. I know. Seriously. I guess she got them from Hub’s family. He and I have dark eyes, but his brother and sister have baby blues.

  2. It looks awesome! I wish I could convince Emily to cut her hair short, she is also obsessed with long hair and it drives me crazy 🙂 Does she start Kindergarten this year?

  3. Very cute! I wish my daughter would go back to short hair. Her long hair is beautiful, but she looked better with short hair. Trying not to become my mother, though, I’m not going to tell her that…

  4. So, so cute. I had almost convinced Baby Girl to donate her hair, but I couldn’t convince her that short hair would be ok and I wasn’t waiting until it was down to her butt to cut it. So this weekend I took her and had about three inches trimmed off. It looks so much better.

  5. Oh, so very sweet and adorable. She has the prettiest hair color to go with those beautiful blue eyes — but yes, that new cut is just perfect for her. Love, love, LOVE it. And totally agree that it’s awesome that she is developing her own sense of style and taste. THAT’s really special.

  6. Very very cute and much better for the thing haired types! My daughter has the SAME type of hair and it makes me crazy because 5 minutes after she brushes it you can’t even really tell she has been near it with a brush. She had it cut ONCE like your daughter did and it looked amazing. However, over the years and back at school has made her return to her ways which now onvolve a pony tail ever.single. day. UGH.

  7. OH, how adorable!! She looks SO great with the bob! My girls went super short last year, but are currently into growing it out! I’m waiting until they get tired of the pain of brushing and they beg to cut it off again. The only catch is that they can’t do ballerina princess buns with short hair!

  8. Love, love the haircut…my 3 girls all have long blonde hair…until about 3 years ago…my youngest started getting her’s cut in a bob…it’s such a cute style and different from the norm…not every one can “rock” the bob…your precious girl can! I bet she gets tons of compliments!

  9. So cute. Also, our daughters are so similar. My oldest has gorgeous, thick, long blonder hair. My second oldest wants long hair but has fine hair like mine. I talked her into cutting it for first communion and then told her she could grow it out for a year. It looks so much better short though. As a short hair wearer myself I’m a little biased.

  10. What an adorable hair cut. My oldest girl wants her hair cut short (sometimes lol) but her father won’t have it. I am trying to convince him it would look so cute. My youngest is going to have to keep short, her hair is a lot like you describe your daughters.

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