My daughters both have an obsession with long hair.  I’m pretty sure my younger daughter is only obsessed because of the influence of her older sister.  And because I always wanted long hair as a child (and didn’t have it until I was 25), I have obliged my daughters’ requests — even though my younger daughter’s fine, thin hair is not exactly conducive to long locks.  She usually looks like a street urchin 5 minutes after I’ve brushed and styled her hair.

Well.  I finally convinced her of the error of her ways, and tonight I took her to get her hair chopped.  She loves it.  I mean, really, this child is on cloud 9.  It’s so nice to see – #1, because it looks SO much better, ohmyWORD!  And #2, because I love how she is developing her own tastes and preferences apart from her adored big sister.

Take a look!



Who loves herself?