Shred Update

shred1I realize it’s been a while since I’ve posted a Shred update, but I’m still going strong!  If going strong means huffing and puffing and panting my way through Level 2.  Rather than do the Shred every day, I’ve been switching it up by going on a 20-25 minute run/walk by myself some mornings and occasionally taking a brisk walk-and-talk with a neighbor who has longer legs and more stamina than I.  It’s a challenge to keep up with her, but I need that motivation.  I like to change up my exercise routine so I don’t get bored.

I love that the Shred works my abs and arms, which running and walking don’t do quite so much, so I try to do the Shred at least 3 times a week.  At first I thought Level 2 wasn’t so bad, but Jillian uses a lot of the plank pose throughout, so by the end, my arms and shoulders feel like I’ve been interrogated by Jack Bauer.  I’m anxious to see what Level 3 is like, but I’m SCAYARED.  I can still barely make it through Level 2, and I’m going to be out of town for the next 2 weeks, so I’ll probably just wait till I get home and get back on track before starting the final phase.

I get a lot of questions about if I see a difference in my body, my weight, etc.

I have to say, I am slightly disappointed in that.  There MAY be some improvement in my overall muscle tone.  I didn’t take measurements, but my clothes are definitely not falling off me, so I don’t think my measurements have changed much.  I haven’t lost any weight, in fact, I’m having a really hard time just maintaining with the 5 lbs I gained last winter.  I don’t know if it’s age or my thyroid, but it’s definitely frustrating.  I was hoping to “shred” that weight right off, and that hasn’t happened.  I’m eating less and more healthful (I even gave up my beloved Coca-Cola!!), exercising more (which isn’t saying much, mind you; I think I darkened the door of the gym all of five times in the past year), and I’m still struggling.  I may have to follow Lysa’s lead and give up all sugar.  I’m not there yet, but I’m getting close, especially after reading the chapter on sugar last night in Real Food.


What I DO notice is that I FEEL GOOD.  When I’m done with the Shred, I feel invigorated and energetic and proud of my accomplishment.  It’s been my life’s goal to avoid exercise as much as possible, and I can’t quite say that I like it now, but I do like how I feel when I’m done.

The biggest difference between this and the exercise I’ve done in the past is the time factor.  While I like the camaraderie at the gym, the time commitment is overwhelming to this busy mom.  However, ANYONE can find 20 minutes a day to exercise, and I feel like I’ve gotten a full workout in that amount of time after Jillian’s whipped me around.

That said, I’ve heard really good things about EA Sports Active, and I’ve got half a mind to try it.  I was talking to Jessica in Boston last week, and she had great things to say about it.  The price tag is a bit daunting, though, so maybe I’ll wait until I get through Level 3 of the Shred to try something else.

If you’ve done both Shred and EA Sports, I’d love to know how you compare the two.  If one is much more effective than the other, I’d like to know about it before I make an investment.  The nice thing about the Shred, in addition to the intense 20-minute workout, is the price.  I mean, six bucks!?  Come on?  There is NO excuse not to try it.  NONE.

So what do you do to stay in shape?  If you have any other suggestions, I’m all ears!

Obligatory disclaimer: all links to Amazon products are affiliate links.  That basically means I make 4% on your purchase, if you buy when you click through on my links.  I appreciate it anytime you make a purchase through one of my affiliate links.  I promise, I’m not buying cavier and champagne with the proceeds.  I think I made enough to buy a package of M&Ms last month.  Or a dozen farm-fresh pastured eggs.  *wink*