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I get to do another Small Style post this week because my daughter actually posed for me. She usually wants no part of my blog, but she asked if I’d take her picture in her new outfit so I happily obliged.

Yes, I do realize I’ve created a monster.

She loves dresses, particularly the maxi dress trend, and she’s got a little bit of the hippy dippy trippy going on so when I saw this dress at Target, I snatched it up for her. She’s been dying to wear it, and it’s finally warm enough.

Those caged sandals are of her own choosing. She made a beeline for them in Kohl’s yesterday, and I couldn’t say no. It’s not a trend I expect I’ll be participating in, but they’re awfully cute on her.

As for the rest of the little urchins under our roof, you’ve seen this before, but here’s our Easter photo again.

Everything they’re wearing (except shoes) is from the Gap.

And once again, C wanted a photo of herself. She loves her “high heels.”


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  1. I love those maxi dresses on kids – so cute. I just picked my DD up 3 at the JBF consignment sale last night – she loved them so much she had to wear one of them today! Love it! I think your daughter has a future in fashion…she’s got it going on!

  2. I love that first dress!!! And I love her big smiles as she shows off her style. Good for her. That’s a hard age.

  3. Oh my, she is so cute! I love her style. She has great taste already and it makes me excited that I finally have a little girl (after 3 big brothers!).

    Perfect Easter photo. So good of all 3! Thanks so much for participating! 🙂

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