Small Style

Between Fashion Friday and What I Wore Wednesday, I feel like all I do is talk about clothes anymore. Rather than do a Fashion Friday post, I’m going to hop into the Small Style blog carnival over at Mama Loves Papa. Small Style is basically What I Wore Wednesday for kids.

I’ve been enjoying Moriah’s Small Style posts for several weeks now, and when my youngest daughter came downstairs dressed in this outfit of her own creation, I knew I had my first Small Style post.

She found this skirt (GapKids, years ago) in her top drawer, where we keep the hand-me-downs that she will soon grow into. She paired it with these leggings (Gymboree) and topped it with her favorite t-shirt (GapKids) and then dug her winter boots (Payless) out of the back of the closet where I’d shoved them when I THOUGHT springtime was here to stay.

It just cracks me up because I’ve never really done the skirt-and-legging thing with my kids, and she totally put this outfit together on her own accord.

It’s a shame she’s such a shy child.