Smiling for V.Smile!

My 5-year-old daughter has been begging for a Nintendo DS lately – a
pink one, to be exact.  Her brother has one (his is blue, not pink of
course), and she is enamored with it.  It didn’t help when I rubbed
salt in her wound by giving away a pink DS on Musings a few months
back.  I have been considering giving her one for her birthday this
winter, but I’m not sure she’s ready for it.

Enter the VTech V.Smile Cyber Pocket.  Read more.

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  1. My kids love theirs and my 5 year old nieghbor girl has one. They have cool girl games that she will love. NintenDogs is a great one. She can choose a dog and take care of it and earn money to buy new things for it. They also have ponies and babies. The Hannah Montana game is hard even for my 9 y/o, just in case you were thinking about it:) Also, mine love the Brain Age and Big Brain Academy type games. Hope it helps you decide!

  2. My two boys had them, but one was broken by my little 3 yr. old princess. Well her birthday is in a week and I’m thinking about getting her a V smile pocket. She already has the V smile and she can use those games. I htink this is a better choice because DS’s are for when they are a little older. Plus, these are “learning” adventures!

  3. We just gave our Sarah a Leapster for her 7th birthday and she LOVES it (we like it because it seems less “gamey” and has some art programs). Think it’d have been great at 5, too. 🙂

  4. Mine had DS’ at that age. Of course, I have a DS so it’s my fault.

    And nobody wants to share, that’s why we all have our own. If we didn’t, trips would be unbearable. And the first six months of nursing a baby would have been tough, ha ha.

  5. E has had a leapster since he was 3 and loves it but wants a DS for Christmas. That will be his main gift this year.
    Since she’ll be 6 soon I’d skip the cyber pocket and get the DS. There are educational things for DS.

  6. We have the vsmile for our nearly 4 year old, but he doesn’t bother with it much, especially if he can “borrow” either of the pink DS’s in our house. He loves the Nintendogs, and his big sisters have created a few puppies for him which he cares for beautifully.

    I know the inevitable will happen, and he will be looking for his own DS soon, but hoping we can dodge it until he is at least 5.

  7. Our 4 year old (5 in February) enjoys playing on my DS (a gift from my hubby). What he really wants is a PSP, but we told him it’s for bigger people – like Daddy. The stinker was never satisfied with his brother’s Leapster, and the VSmile he received for Christmas has only been used twice!!! I guess that’s what happens when you have an older sibling. The young one always wants to play what his brother is playing!

    So, we’re still trying to decide whether or not to get him his own DS this Christmas. We’re cutting back on gifts this year, so that would be a biggie!

    But, I have to admit, I’m kind of grossed out when I try to play some Brain Age on my DS and see his finger goo (who knows what it may be) all over my buttons. Not to mention the sneeze spray on the screen. You moms know what I’m talking about. You can’t cover your mouth/nose when you’re racing Mario!!!

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