So as a diversion from more serious matters at hand…

Let’s talk Christmas!

christmas day 2006 - 1 (1)

Here are some of our family’s favorite Christmas gifts this year.

David got the remote control helicopter he asked for and a laser tag set from one of his cousins.

Merry Christmas!

Caroline says her favorite gifts are her “princess light” and her “princess umbrella.”  Both were actually birthday gifts, but with a Christmas Eve birthday, it’s pretty hard for a 4-year-old to differentiate between the two events.

caroline wand - 1

Becca can’t put down the toy cell phone from her big brother.

becca phone - 1

Paul got another toy tool for his workshop, and I bought him a gift certificate to get a massage. He has never had one and has mentioned many times that he would love to get one some day.

As for me, my mom bought me a pair of cute shoes, and Paul told me to pick out a piece of jewelry. I didn’t need much prodding. I easily found a gorgeous silver necklace. I’m wearing it in this picture.

Mommy and Becca. Notice Mommy's pretty necklace from Daddy.

Let’s hear about some of your favorite gifts!