So as a diversion from more serious matters at hand…

Let’s talk Christmas!

christmas day 2006 - 1 (1)

Here are some of our family’s favorite Christmas gifts this year.

D got the remote control helicopter he asked for and a laser tag set from one of his cousins.

Merry Christmas!

C says her favorite gifts are her “princess light” and her “princess umbrella.”  Both were actually birthday gifts, but with a Christmas Eve birthday, it’s pretty hard for a 4-year-old to differentiate between the two events.

caroline wand - 1

R can’t put down the toy cell phone from her big brother.

becca phone - 1

Paul got another toy tool for his workshop, and I bought him a gift certificate to get a massage. He has never had one and has mentioned many times that he would love to get one some day.

As for me, my mom bought me a pair of cute shoes, and Paul told me to pick out a piece of jewelry. I didn’t need much prodding. I easily found a gorgeous silver necklace. I’m wearing it in this picture.

Mommy and R. Notice Mommy's pretty necklace from Daddy.

Let’s hear about some of your favorite gifts!

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  1. My husband got me a pair of jeans…AND THEY FIT PERFECTLY.Can you believe it? I can’t. I love that picture of you, it’s great!!

  2. Great pictures. This was my best Christmas ever. It was easy and mellow and I loved it. I got two pairs of the fleeciest, coziest, dreamiest pj’s you’ve ever seen. I love them!!

  3. Ooooh, love PJs. And jeans that fit perfectly! Sounds like both of you scored big this Christmas!dcrmom

  4. Love the shoes and necklace!I got a new digital SLR camera and I am in love. 😉 Max got the long awaited DS and Wild Thing finally has an American Girl doll. Husband has wireless game controllers and PS2 games. Life is good, is it not?

  5. Princess favorite is her MP3 player, Mr Man has been carring around his giga pet everywhere but i think his favorite two gift is his roboraptor and his dirt bike, Sweet Pea has not left home with out her CD and headphones with her carry underwood CD LOL. and Little Man loves everything of his and his older sisters and brother. the gifts they all have been playing with are Sweet Pea’s v-smile art studio, Mr Man’s hotwheel criss cross crash track(little man loves this one too) and Little Man’s little people garage. ON and Little man’s tunnel.OH and Dh took me so i could pick out my own new jeans LOL he didn’t want to try to guess 🙂

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