So Now That’s Over

Now that I have birthed my baby (a.k.a. The Housewife’s Holiday Gift Guide) you’d think I’d be able to write a coherent blog post, but I think it’s going to take a few days to regain my equilibrium.  So until then, I’ll ramble.  It’s what I do best after all.

This weekend my parents were in town.  I always love to watch my kids interact with their grandparents.  We celebrated my son’s 9th birthday on Friday night, which also happens to be Kim’s birthday.  Happy Birthday, Kim!  You’re 29, right?

We had homemade chocolate cake.

And then we retired to the family room for presents. D’s favorite gift by far and away was the DS game from Grammie and Granddad. I had to pry the DS out of his hands to get him to stop playing.

You can see he was equally thrilled with his new clothes.

Yep, he’s all boy.

The rest of the weekend was laid-back and relaxed.  We did venture out to the mall late Saturday afternoon.  I would like to know where, exactly, the recession is bringing down retail sales.  The mall was MOBBED.  Don’t tell me those people weren’t spending money.  I think the news media needs to simmer down.  Evidently they like them some drama.

When it came time to leave the mall, we found ourselves in a monsoon.  And guess who couldn’t find her car?  Yeah, like I don’t practically LIVE at this mall.  We parked in a different spot than usual because of all the traffic (again, what recession?) and when it came time to leave, I found myself circumnavigating the parking lot (on foot) until I finally discovered that there are TWO West entrances to Nordstrom.  Now tell me in what parallel universe that makes sense.

So anyway.  Now I know.

My mom and I both looked like drown rats before all was said and done, and if we were in any doubt, my daughter removed it when she asked quizically, “Mommy, Grammie doesn’t look pretty anymore.  WHY doesn’t she look pretty, Mama?”

Mmm’kay.  Note to self: never leave house with wet hair.

So today I plan to revel in the DONENESS of the gift guide.  And perhaps even read some blogs.  And also, I have some design clients who have been VERY patient.  So I’ll be dusting off my Illustrator program and trying to remember how to create blog headers.

Oh yeah.  Did I mention, my Gift Guide is live?  I crack myself up.

So what are YOU up to on this fine Monday morning?

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17 thoughts on “So Now That’s Over

  1. Hey! I can’t believe all the people shopping! We went to Sam’s yesterday and the place was PACKED! Actually I need to go back to scoop up some holiday gifts. LOL

    BTW, I can’t get your blog to link correctly on my blog roll? I switched it like you wrote but it’s still showing error 304? Help. LOL

  2. The mall here has two HUGE parking ramps, plus other parking below. The 4 major stores (Sears, Macy’s, BLoomies and Nortstrom) all have two exits to the outside world. I get confused EVERY TIME.

  3. Congratulations again! ANd you so should toot your own horn as often as possible!! I enjoyed this post, pictured you running around a mall lot in the rain mumbling unkind words trying to find your car. Your son is so very handsome and that CAKE…I am hungry.


  4. Excited to go check out the holiday gift guide.. However, I will try not to spread my germs.. we all have some nasty stuff going on over here 😛 I keep giving Sammy clothes because I know eventually hes not going to want them as presents.. till then clothes he gets!

  5. Okay, did the mall thing on Saturday as well…my husband said the EXACT same thing, “What recession?” Hope you got some shopping done!

  6. So glad he had such a great birthday.. I’m LOL at the look on his face with the cloths.. LOL LOL..
    I posted about Ry’s birthday on my blot today… I can’t believe our baby boys are 9 years old.. sniff sniff.

  7. Hi… so i was at King of Prussia Mall on Sat… and like you said. it was PACKED. I was asking myself the same things, is the economy really bad or is someone making this up???

  8. Look at me! Actually reading AND commenting on your blog! I’ve missed you! Anyway…fun times at the mall.

    I love the new set up at wordpress! You’re lookin’ good. I think I”m going to ask dh for a new design for Christmas…

    And your holiday guide? I’m linking asap!

  9. Love the gift guide. Gave a little shout out in my post today…http://tinyurl.com/5z767x! I also grabbed the button and it is prominently displayed at the top of my page!

    Glad you had a fun weekend with your family. Unfortunately, I was sick as a dog…darn the 24 hour bug for making me miss the Memory Walk…Oh, well, at least I exceeded my donation goal!

    Feeling much better and ready to start the week!

  10. Looks like you found some time to clean before that fun birthday party.

    I was wondering the same thing about this ‘recession’ the news people keep talking about while at the mall this weekend. It was super crowded. Honey and I decided no more trips to the mall on the weekend for the rest of the year because it is only going to get more crazy.

    And don’t get me started on how confused Princess got seeing Santa there already. Before Thanksgiving? C’mon people.

  11. I am sure it will not surprise you that I lose my van ALL.THE.TIME in the parking lot. I love that my keys make it honk so I can find it.

    We made chocolate cake tonight for bday time!!! Fun times.

  12. Our mall was MOBBED yesterday too. I would love to do some research and ask people basic questinos like : what are you buying? Cash,debit or credit? How much debt do you have? Do you have health insurance? But I’m afraid there would be a riot.

    Love your birthday pics. Can I ask a nosy questions? Do ya’ll do a kid party too or just a family bday? Personally, I would be fine doing away with the kid parties. We’ve geared them down considerably over the past years and they have been really easy and simple, but this year (she will be 10) I’m highly considering a family only party.

  13. I love David’s expressions in those photos! I got a sweater and a shirt and I was tickled pink. Hmm, must be my old age.
    I never made it to KofP on Saturday. The kids didn’t want me to leave the party. Oh well. My Mom is up this weekend, so I plan to get some shopping done by myself on Sat.
    Love the gift guide!

  14. I want to cry because I have not even started any shopping yet.. I need to get ontop of this.. now..

    Love the pic of your boy.. the difference between the DS and clothes is just too funny..

  15. you crack me up!

    Actually laughing out loud at Starbucks right now, looking very un-cool. 😀 Love the “Why isn’t grammie pretty anymore?” ROARING

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