So Now That’s Over

Now that I have birthed my baby (a.k.a. The Housewife’s Holiday Gift Guide) you’d think I’d be able to write a coherent blog post, but I think it’s going to take a few days to regain my equilibrium.  So until then, I’ll ramble.  It’s what I do best after all.

This weekend my parents were in town.  I always love to watch my kids interact with their grandparents.  We celebrated my son’s 9th birthday on Friday night, which also happens to be Kim’s birthday.  Happy Birthday, Kim!  You’re 29, right?

We had homemade chocolate cake.

And then we retired to the family room for presents. D’s favorite gift by far and away was the DS game from Grammie and Granddad. I had to pry the DS out of his hands to get him to stop playing.

You can see he was equally thrilled with his new clothes.

Yep, he’s all boy.

The rest of the weekend was laid-back and relaxed.  We did venture out to the mall late Saturday afternoon.  I would like to know where, exactly, the recession is bringing down retail sales.  The mall was MOBBED.  Don’t tell me those people weren’t spending money.  I think the news media needs to simmer down.  Evidently they like them some drama.

When it came time to leave the mall, we found ourselves in a monsoon.  And guess who couldn’t find her car?  Yeah, like I don’t practically LIVE at this mall.  We parked in a different spot than usual because of all the traffic (again, what recession?) and when it came time to leave, I found myself circumnavigating the parking lot (on foot) until I finally discovered that there are TWO West entrances to Nordstrom.  Now tell me in what parallel universe that makes sense.

So anyway.  Now I know.

My mom and I both looked like drown rats before all was said and done, and if we were in any doubt, my daughter removed it when she asked quizically, “Mommy, Grammie doesn’t look pretty anymore.  WHY doesn’t she look pretty, Mama?”

Mmm’kay.  Note to self: never leave house with wet hair.

So today I plan to revel in the DONENESS of the gift guide.  And perhaps even read some blogs.  And also, I have some design clients who have been VERY patient.  So I’ll be dusting off my Illustrator program and trying to remember how to create blog headers.

Oh yeah.  Did I mention, my Gift Guide is live?  I crack myself up.

So what are YOU up to on this fine Monday morning?