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So You Wanna Make Money Blogging?

Everyone seems to think blogging is the newest get-rich-quick scheme.

You start a blog, you throw up a few ads, and in a few months brands will start knocking down your door. Next thing you know, you’re living the high life, raking in the bucks while you sit on your ever-widening tush noshing on organic chocolate.


Yeah, not quite.

Most of us who consider our blogs a business have been building them for years, and we spend countless hours keeping up with all the writing, research, networking and upkeep that goes along with it. But it’s been quite an evolution.

When I started blogging, back when dinosaurs were roaming the earth, there was no “blogging as a business” or “passive income” or any kind of strategy at all. Most of us old school mom bloggers were just sharing our lives with who ever would happen by. We wrote when we felt like it and didn’t when we didn’t. There was no Twitter or Pinterest for networking and driving traffic to our blogs, and brands didn’t even know we existed.

Heck, for most of us, our next door neighbors didn’t even know we existed on the Internet!

I remember how weird it was when I would come clean and admit to someone I had a blog. Most usually their responses were along the lines of, “What’s a blog?”

My how times have changed!!

Nowadays I receive anywhere from 20-50 emails a day from brands wanting a piece of my audience.

I get to travel to press events at brand headquarters and attend blogging conferences and meet cool celebs like Giada DeLaurentis and Jillian Michaels.

JL and Giada

And gone are the days when I just typed up a post and walked away. Now I spend approximately 25% of my time online writing and the other 75% fielding emails and making graphics and taking photos and promoting my work across 4 different social networks.

Yes, my blog has definitely become a significant (if not yet full-time) job, but I’m not exactly getting rich off it, and there is nothing quick or easy about it. I’ve been growing my online presence for almost 8 years, and most of us who do make money blogging don’t exactly make the kind of money that pays the mortgage. It’s more like the kind of money that buys an extra dinner out a few times a month. It’s a nice little side income, and it allows me to justify staying home in my pajamas all day.

Not that I DO stay in my pajamas all day, mind you . . . not most days, anyway. But I could if I wanted to, and that is a pretty cool gig, if you ask me.

However, there ARE people out there who make a living with their mom blogs. Laurie Turk is one of them.

Laurie is an icon in the mom blogosphere. She’s been blogging about as long as I have, but she is one of the few who have made blogging into a truly lucrative career. Laurie transformed what started out as a blog on Blogger into over 7 million page views a month and $12,000 MONTHLY in Adsense alone.

Hello! I’m happy when I break $100. Clearly she knows what she’s doing.

Because of her success, Laurie is one of the most sought after speakers in the blog conference circuit. After speaking at 8 social media conferences, she decided that her time and energy would be better spent putting together an online workshop where she could share all of her systems, strategies, and secrets to making money with her blog.

Mom Blog to Money Blog Workshop

This is the fruit of her labors: Mom Blog to Money Blog: Bringing home the bacon in 31 days or less!


The Mom Blog to Money Blog online workshop is geared to bloggers who have been serious for at least 3 months, but it’s not just for beginners. It also has advanced lessons like Google DFP to manage ad networks, how to manage blog contributors, as well as her super-secret SEO Anatomy of a Post. Basically EVERYTHING Laurie has learned in the past 5 years earning money online, she is sharing in this course.

This is how she describes it:

It’s everything I know about blogging, and I wrote it because I’m no longer speaking but I’m not done helping women succeed. What sets this program apart is that it’s in sequential order. At conferences we get a lot of relevant information but it’s usually Step 5 or Step 2 or Step 15 and we’re lost as to what those successful business women did in between which propelled them. Well now you’ll know the steps I took. AND I walk you through it with clearly-defined checklists and videos ~ so you can do it too.

As someone who has attended many blogging conferences, that makes SO MUCH SENSE to me.

In This Workshop, You Receive:

  • 30 days of teaching. The ebook component breaks down this overwhelming task with easy-to-understand explanations, step-by-step instructions on how to complete each task, as well as a daily assignment.
  • 16 Checklists and Printables to keep the processes simple, help organize the process, and make sure you don’t skip a step. {wink}
  • 17 How-To Videos to show you how.  No more guessing if you did it right! Each video has “screen share” technology so you feel like you are sitting down with Laurie at your computer {via the video} as she walks you through each process.

I can’t wait to take this course because I still have a lot to learn. And guess what!?

Win It!

Laurie is giving one lucky Musings of a Housewife reader a FREE ALL ACCESS PASS to her Mom Blog to Money Blog online workshop! The pass will give you the flexibility of learning at your own pace, without traveling, anytime you want!

Use the widget below to enter to win.

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Don’t want to wait?

You can get $20 off the Mom Blog to Money Blog online workshop RIGHT NOW with the code JOLY20.

Not in the budget? This would make a GREAT Christmas gift so if you’re a blogger, put it on your list!


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  1. I have this saved so when I decide to start blogging regularly, I will have the guidance I need by purchasing this course. I would love to win!

  2. I’ve been blogging for quite awhile but just feel stuck in the same place. I would love to learn more about how to take my blogging to the next level and make more money from it. All of the “technical” aspects of blogging are what intimidates me most…I know nothing about coding and such.

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