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Ironically, after posting about my four-legged neighbors today, all the talk at preschool this morning was about the cow that was spotted outside his fence.  We saw him on our way to school, and I did say to the kids, "Oops!  Someone got out!"  But I never gave it another thought.

UNTIL I got to school, and my neighbor was all talking about the cow outside the fence.  She even called the police to inform them of the wayward cow.  And get this.  She was told that hers was not the first call they had received about it.  That’s life in rural Pennsylvania for ya.

By the way, come see what I’ve been up to over at DCR Design.  I’ve been working HARD, and I’ll have more going up tonight.

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  1. Yeah, I have to admit, it never occurred to me that he might end up in the road. Too funny!

  2. Disclaimer: married to Sheriff Andy, yeah I would have called.

    I know of a LOT of people who have hit a cow and died. Seriously – the cow wanders into the busy road and it’s dark/foggy and someone comes upon it at 55 mph and SPLAT. Not pretty.

  3. I probably would not have called the cops, but it’s good that someone did — for Darla’s reason. I was thinking that cows move slow and might be trying to get to that greener grass on the other side when a car comes by. You know deer can do damage, just imagine a big, hefty cow.

    Oh, how I wished I lived out in the country 🙁 Too close to the city for my tastes. The only loose thing around here are dogs.

  4. Okay, so that leads me to this question…why did the cow cross the road?


    Seriously folks, it has rained so hard all day (and will through Tues), and NO SCHOOL and my husband has the day off, we are going nutty.

    Noah is now building the ark for the 2nd flood.

  5. The stories you tell, are UTTERLY hysterical! Get it! LOL
    Anyway, you are SO talented! I love your work-ALL OF IT!
    Thanks for working so hard! 🙂

  6. I have many fond memories of not only cows escaping the fences, but horses/ponies too. There were also the stray chicken and duck to look out for.

    That’s life in rural PA, isn’t it?

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