Spring 2015 Trend Alert: Wedges Are Back and Hotter than Ever!

Even though our spring won’t be here for a while, I know many of you read from warmer climates (lucky ducks!), so I decided to start my Spring Style Series! I’ll be addressing what to wear to various spring functions like weddings, graduations, Easter, and more. Plus I’ll be sharing the best of the spring 2015 fashion trends and how to wear them for a typical mom on the go.

spring 2015 fashion trends: wedge espadrilles and sandals

Wedges are back this year, and they’re hotter than ever. I love, love, love a wedge heel. A wedge is a style any woman can wear, and you can find wedge sandals at any price point. The height gives you a taller and slimmer silhouette, but they are practical enough for everyday wear. I hope I’m able to start wearing heels again by the time warm weather arrives here in the tundra of Pennsylvania.

Nordstrom is promoting the espadrille wedge for spring. I love this look, so ladylike.

spring 2015 fashion trends: wedge espadrilles and sandals

There are so many to choose from, I can’t begin to pick a favorite, but the Halogen Sandra Espadrille Wedge in the red matte snake leather jumped out at me. I love the pop of red.

Halogen Sandra Wedge

And if money grew on trees, I’d be all over the Burberry Wedland. Look at the back. SO CUTE!

Burberry Wedland Espadrille Wedge Sandal

In fact, take a peek at all of the spring sandals at Nordstrom. I am seriously contemplating getting my first pair of Birkenstocks this year. I’ve never participated in the trend, but this popular Gizeh sandal is calling my name. It’s cute, and also supposedly good for finicky feet like mine. How pretty is this Pearly Apple color!?

Birkenstock Gizeh SandalOkay, sorry, I digress. Back to wedges!

I love that the Payless Dexflex comfort line is making their wedges with extra cushioning. Look at these cute styles — all are marked down to $24.99 for a limited time.

spring 2015 fashion trends: wedge espadrilles and sandals

I think the Phaedra Stretch Wedge is my favorite. I especially like it in brown.

Phaedra Stretch Wedge

Zappo’s has a great selection, as always. I love how you can sort by price point. I have my eye on this Michael Kors Damita Wedge.

Michael Kors Damita Wedge

Although with my foot issues, the Born Emmy would probably be a better choice.

Born Emmy

Speaking of comfort shoes, The Walking Company has some cute spring styles as well. I love the looks of the Dansko Frida, and they’re actually on sale.

Dansko Frida

Even though it won’t be warm here for a while, our Arizona trip is only a month away, so I’m definitely starting to think about the pieces I need to update my spring wardrobe. A new pair of sandals is definitely at the top of my list. How about you?

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12 thoughts on “Spring 2015 Trend Alert: Wedges Are Back and Hotter than Ever!

  1. Oh I’m with you, endless $$$ would equal those Burberry wedges!!! Those MK’s are pretty sweet too! Now you’ve got me considering a pair of Birkenstocks for my trip to Italy in the fall. This could be a pricey summer shoe season! haha

  2. I cannot even begin to imagine paying almost $500 for a pair of sandals! I can only justify having as many shoes as I do because I am so cheap. 🙂

  3. Birkenstocks are the bomb for plantar fasciitis. Just make sure you break them in slowly – wear an hour or so the first day and then add an hour or so each subsequent day. They are pretty much all I wear except for my Sketchers Go Walks.

  4. I have problem feet too. I love the BIrkenstock Madrid. I tried several Birks and just didn’t understand why other people loved them until I tried the Madrid. First, order narrow, unless your feet are very wide, and break them in-slowly. Eventually they are heavenly. I wish they were instantly comfy but the cork ones just aren’t. I did get a pair of Madrid synthetic mules for poolside and the soles are very soft right away-a lesser level of support, though. Happy hunting. If you love the Dansko or any other expensive comfort line for the style of their sandals, enjoy-those styles really don’t work like the clogs or support versions do. Earthies wedges work well for my plantar fasciitis but the sandal is engineered to do so. I hope you find attractive and comfortable footwear for summer-it can be an expensive challenge.

  5. I love wedges and have about 6 pairs so glad that they are trending… As for Birkenstocks, I am still pinching myself that I now own 3 after hating them when I was in my 20’s… Comfort is key and you can’t beat Birks for that! We are expecting snow tonight , but I love thinking of Spring!

  6. I love wedge sandals for spring and summer! Spring needs to come to PA very soon! Maybe if I buy some new wedge sandals it will come sooner…I don’t think my husband would agree! 🙂

  7. Hooray for wedges!!
    I find them to be so comfortable compared to standard heels, and perfect for spring and summer dresses!
    We are wrapping up summer in Australia now, and I’m headed to florida to visit my family in March, I’ll have to remember to bring my wedges with me.

    Favorites are the espadrilles. I think they are always in and then out of style, but with one pair you can usually get away with them for years. As a kid I used to tie up my moms and walk around the house in them. She donated them years ago, but who ever has them now I know they would still be in style.

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