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Spring Handbag Trends to Try

You know I love a good handbag, but I’m usually fairly practical when purchasing my bags. I tend towards bags that are classic and versatile, but I thought it might be fun to do a post today on trendy bags that are a little out of the norm.

one // two // three // four // five // six // seven // eight

I didn’t really consider price point here, so these aren’t necessarily bags I’m recommending you run out and purchase, but I just thought it might be fun to show you what’s out there.

Transparent Bags

Transparent bags are a big thing right now, which I find a little odd becasue I really don’t want people seeing all the crap inside my bag. But to each her own! Some of these are really pretty, though — that Louis Vuitton is calling my name.

Straw Bags

Straw bags are probably the most wearable of these trends, and they’re available at all price points. I have this one that I’m bringing to Florida with me, and I can’t wait to use it.

Top Handle Bucket Bags

I think these top handle bucket bags are so so cute, but unfortunately most are out of my price range for a trendy piece such as this. My favorite is this one. Go figure, right???

Bucket Bags

Bucket bags aren’t really a new trend, but they’re making a bit of a comeback this season. I’ve always liked a good bucket bag; something about that slouchy but still structured silhouette really appeals to me.

Have you got any of these on your shopping list?

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23 thoughts on “Spring Handbag Trends to Try

  1. I saw a friend with a transparent bag returning from work at a major department store. She said they were REQUIRED there to avoid employee shoplifting! I like the straw bag you chose for Florida. I hope you have a wonderful, relaxing time.

  2. We have to use transparent bags when we go to the Chiefs football games. Not a fan myself because as you said Everyone sees all your junk!

  3. Sounds like a busy week but you will get it all under control like you usually do. Why do us women panic before trips and men Dont? I think this time of year Florida can have some cool mornings and evenings so go with layers and that stripped dress from Old Navy would be cute and easy to pack as well. Is this a business and kidless trip? 

  4. Transparent bags are required in all NFL and most major university sports stadiums and arenas. Our son’s college graduation was held in the university’s basketball arena, so because of the venue, transparent bags were required. I don’t really think it’s a trend, but instead a circumstance of our current society. 

  5. I really like this post–I’ve been looking for a cute transparent bag. I think all NFL stadiums now require clear bags for security reasons. I had to walk all the way back to my car to leave my purse after security wouldn’t let me in w/even a small crossbody. I really like the LV but for something that’s going to sit on the stadium floor, I might get the Urban Outfitters bag 🙂 Love the straw bags for Spring/Summer–so cute!

    1. Sheila, Winners in my area had some cute transparent bags. It’s not something I want to spend a lot on and let’s face it, they’re plastic. 

  6. Off topic, are you doing a FB live today?  I was interested in how the 1901 line looks?  The Nordstrom’s closest to me is two hours. 

    1. I was going to but I couldn’t get to it. Crazy day! I’ll try for tomorrow, but now something came up and that may not happen either. At this point, it may be next week.

  7. I really want to find a cute straw bag. I’m more of a basic bag girl myself and don’t like taking time to change my bags. You’ll pretty much always find me carrying a black or brown/tan bag. #lazygirl Great roundup. Good luck at the mall!

  8. These are all great choices. I am diggin’ the straw bags this season. Happy they are making a come back. I’ve made a couple of purchases. Nordstrom & TJ Maxx, has a few that are reasonably priced.

  9. I am most definitely loving all the straw bags! There seems to be so many more cute and affordable options than when I was on the hunt for one this time last year. Figures! I wish I had a greater need for one, they are almost too cute to pass up! I love the one you chose to take with you this weekend. I haven’t seen many like that, so cute and unique!

  10. Of all the above, the straw bag appeals the most. They really scream summer! I have three in my closet but would really like a round one. I looked at one on Saturday but it had so little room. In the summer 
    I like to carry some sunscreen and my Ray Bans. That glass case takes up some serious space.
    As for the transparent bags, Yuck! My bags are far too messy and packed with stuff 
    I’d rather not show off. Pass! 

  11. I really like the straw bags and the top handle bags. I am with everyone else on the transparent bags – do you know how much Kleenex I stuff in my purse! LOL! 🙂 In response to a comment below – I think Winners is a Canadian thing – not sure what the equivalent would be in the US.

  12. Fun post!  I am a handbag girl too. As you say, they always fit and don’t hurt your feet 🙂      I have so many high end bags that I feel guilty when I look where I store them.  All that $$ tied up in handbags!  Ah well, they do make me happy. 
    Several bloggers recommend the Barrington bags.  Have you tried any of those? I got the petite satchel for Christmas because I wanted a lower price, light weight bag and I really like it.  It’s fun designing your own.
    Have a wonderful trip.  I’m looking forward to catching up on today’s facebook live post later.  Really enjoy those.

    1. You can always sell a few if you need to. Some are actually an investment. That’s how I justify them. Ha.

      I haven’t tried Barrington bags. Are they the ones with the monograms?

  13. I think the transparent bag trend is being fueled by sporting events and concerts that will only allow bags in if they are clear. Also, some companies only allow clear bags in and out of secured areas to cut down on theft. I don’t really want to show off everything in my bag either though 🙂

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