Spring is in the Air

It’s a balmy 44 degrees in Philadelphia today and spring is in the air.  I know we’re going to sink back into the winter doldrums this weekend with temps delving into the teens at night and only reaching the mid-20s during the day, but for today I have a touch of spring fever.

I spent my cherished 2.25 hours of kid-free bliss this morning at the grocery store and the mall.  Yeah, I know, it’s hardly exciting EXCEPT when you’re a mom of 3 kids who rarely gets to go either place alone.  I went to the mall to exchange a few things, but I bypassed my usual haunts because I just didn’t feel in the mood to shop.  I KNOW!  It’s rare, but it DOES happen.  This is an awkward time of year.  It’s too soon to buy for summer, and I’ve already bought everything I need to get through winter.

But then as I passed the Loft I remembered that adorable floral scarf I saw when I was at the Loft in Nashville.  The one I didn’t buy because it was full price and I was feeling thrifty.  The one that I realized later I could have bought with the store credit that sat languishing in my purse.

Don’t you HATE it when you pass up a purchase, only to remember later that you have a gift card for that store?

So today I wandered into the Loft in hopes that they would have the scarf, but of course they are all gone.  Because it never pays to pass up a purchase you really want.  It will never be there when you go back.  It’s one of Murphy’s Laws.


I found these tops.  And I had to have them.  They just spoke to me.


Well, the green one spoke.  The coral one kind of whispered.  It’s nothing particularly exciting, but I do like the neckline and I also like how thick the t-shirts at the Loft are.  What is up with this tissue T?  It’s see-through, people!  I like a nice, sturdy t-shirt.

The green one, on the other hand, was a MUST HAVE.  Because my wardrobe is made up almost entirely of solid t-shirts.  And when I read Megan’s post on Chic Critique last week, challenging us all to add a little bit o’ pattern to our boring wardrobes, I decided to make that a priority this spring.  I like this top because I think it can be dressed up or down and it will look great with denim.  And y’all know how I love the denim.

And then I also picked up this jacket.  Because I can’t pass up a cute sweatshirt and I’m trying to do more layering.


It’s cuter in person.  At least I think it is.

So that is basically the sum total of my day.  Now I’ve got to put my nose to the grindstone and crank out some work.  What are you doing to keep you sane until summer arrives?