Spring is in the Air

It’s a balmy 44 degrees in Philadelphia today and spring is in the air.  I know we’re going to sink back into the winter doldrums this weekend with temps delving into the teens at night and only reaching the mid-20s during the day, but for today I have a touch of spring fever.

I spent my cherished 2.25 hours of kid-free bliss this morning at the grocery store and the mall.  Yeah, I know, it’s hardly exciting EXCEPT when you’re a mom of 3 kids who rarely gets to go either place alone.  I went to the mall to exchange a few things, but I bypassed my usual haunts because I just didn’t feel in the mood to shop.  I KNOW!  It’s rare, but it DOES happen.  This is an awkward time of year.  It’s too soon to buy for summer, and I’ve already bought everything I need to get through winter.

But then as I passed the Loft I remembered that adorable floral scarf I saw when I was at the Loft in Nashville.  The one I didn’t buy because it was full price and I was feeling thrifty.  The one that I realized later I could have bought with the store credit that sat languishing in my purse.

Don’t you HATE it when you pass up a purchase, only to remember later that you have a gift card for that store?

So today I wandered into the Loft in hopes that they would have the scarf, but of course they are all gone.  Because it never pays to pass up a purchase you really want.  It will never be there when you go back.  It’s one of Murphy’s Laws.


I found these tops.  And I had to have them.  They just spoke to me.


Well, the green one spoke.  The coral one kind of whispered.  It’s nothing particularly exciting, but I do like the neckline and I also like how thick the t-shirts at the Loft are.  What is up with this tissue T?  It’s see-through, people!  I like a nice, sturdy t-shirt.

The green one, on the other hand, was a MUST HAVE.  Because my wardrobe is made up almost entirely of solid t-shirts.  And when I read Megan’s post on Chic Critique last week, challenging us all to add a little bit o’ pattern to our boring wardrobes, I decided to make that a priority this spring.  I like this top because I think it can be dressed up or down and it will look great with denim.  And y’all know how I love the denim.

And then I also picked up this jacket.  Because I can’t pass up a cute sweatshirt and I’m trying to do more layering.


It’s cuter in person.  At least I think it is.

So that is basically the sum total of my day.  Now I’ve got to put my nose to the grindstone and crank out some work.  What are you doing to keep you sane until summer arrives?

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  1. I like Old Navy t-shirts too — the Perfect Fit ones are great. They are usually thicker as well. But sometimes the necklines are boring. This one will be great with a piece of statement jewelry, dontcha think?? 🙂

  2. I like the green and the coral. I have been thinking towards warm weather as well. I have outgrown (belly wise) all but 2 of my warm weather maternity shirts. As soon as my tax refund gets here I am going to go pick up a few more. Pregnancy is hard enough to go through it without cute clothes!

  3. What am I doing till summer arives? Getting a tan. Yep that’s right, my favorite thing to do these days is sit in my driveway watching my kids play in the sunshine. I gotta invest in some serious sunblock for my face, I think my foundation with SPF 15 isn’t cutting it anymore, based on the freckles (ok SPOTS).

  4. It’ll be Spring in my corner within the next few weeks and I am ill prepared, unless I really want to wear promotional t-shirts outside of the gym. I loathe shopping. How about you go for me and I’ll send you a check? Just remember I’m a redhead so stay away from pinks, reds, and oranges. 😉

  5. I love the Loft, it’s probably my most shopped-at store! I hate finding stuff there when it’s new, because I know that everything there ALWAYS goes on sale. I haven’t been doing any shopping lately (gasp!) because I’m counting on some really good sales the next month or so. Well, I did cave on some kids clothes at TJMaxx yesterday. As for what has been filling our time till spring…well, um, I blogged about that a little bit earlier today. 🙂

  6. First, I HAVE to have sweatshirts too, but no short sleeves, I am always freezing even when it is 90 out. Second it is 44 degrees here today too but I just went through all the spring hand be downs to see what Hailey needs…I am ready for Spring. And third I love that green shirt! It looks flowy and comfy!

  7. I went shopping today,too. I got jeans and a swimsuit. I never buy one this early but then I never get the one I really wanted because they are sold out.
    This year I’ll be sporting the suit of my dreams…hopefully I won’t be looking like a nightmare.

  8. I buy the great majority of my t-shirst there; you’re right, they really are the best. I think I might have to have that green one, it is TOO CUTE!

  9. I guess you don’t want to hear that I had my windows open and ceiling fans on all day :-p

    No cute clothes for me. I have yet to find cute affordable maternity clothing, so I’ll just muck through this year. Maybe next spring….

  10. Love the colors of these shirts! I am so ready for Spring and we have actually had a mild winter. I remember what a treat it was to go grocery shopping by myself when the kids were little.

  11. When i read this:
    “I just didn’t feel in the mood to shop”

    my jaw dropped just a little….I thought, she must be getting sick or something.

    And then I thought, THIS IS HISTORY MAKING! I am going to go save this post to my hard-drive…or better yet, make tshirts that say, “I was blogging the day Jo-Lynne confessed a lack of desire to SHOP.”

    Think of all the blog posts that would be posted tomorrow, entitled: What I Was Doing When I Heard That Jo-Lynne Felt Apathetic At The Mall.

    But as I read, I realized that you pulled through. False alarm. Whew!


    LOVE the spring t-shirts. Every time I see my spring Old Navy tank tops from last year, I think of you (I bought them after you blogged on a killer sale).

  12. I adore the green one – great choice! And that white jacket is so nice. Sadly I agree with the comments above on cute maternity clothes – aside from Isabella Oliver which are gorgeous and tres pricey! I long for it to be spring but it is still pretty damn cold here… bring on the warmer temps!

  13. Love that top on the left…I am a big fan of that shade of green (apple green? chartreuse? whatever it’s called!)

    Well…I have been listening to some Jimmy Buffett and counting down to our trip to Florida in March for spring break…that’s how I’m trying to stay sane in winter! 😉

  14. I hate this time of year too! Too cool still for spring and summer stuff yet definitely not in winter mode either. Love that green shirt! I think I’ll be checking out the ATL sometime this weekend.

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