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Spring Outfit Challenge with Savers®

When the seasons change, one of my favorite things to do is swap out the clothes in my closet. It is my habit to put my out of season clothes away in the attic so I only have things I can currently wear hanging in my closet.

I think it’s safe to say that spring has finally sprung here in Pennsylvania, and I’m so excited to start wearing all the spring clothes!

One thing I always notice when I start actually wearing the new season’s clothes is how many “holes” I have in my closet. By holes I mean the wardrobe essentials I’m missing or that need to be replaced. Yes, that even happens to fashion bloggers!

The good news is, I get to do one of my favorite things — shop!

When it comes to shopping for clothing, I always recommend buying quality over quantity, especially with wardrobe staples like denim and shoes, but sometimes I get comments saying basically, I’m not working with the budget you are…

I get that. Fortunately there are some great shopping options that do not require paying full retail price or even retail sale prices. Enter Savers®.

If you’re shopping with a limited budget or simply enjoy the thrill of the hunt, thrift stores and consignment shops are a great way to find designer brands for deep discounts, and Savers® is a thrift store known for high-quality clothing at deep discounts and a pleasant shopping experience.

Savers® has a few different brands, so depending where you’re located, you might also know them as Value Village® or Unique Thrift®. Regardless, they’re where it’s at when it comes to scoring great thrift finds.

When they invited me to partner with them to spread the word about their unique thrift shopping experience, I decided it would be a great opportunity to put my money where my mouth is (so to speak) and put together a spring date night outfit with name brands I often wear and recommend — all from Savers®.

Last week I took a drive to my nearest Savers® to see what it’s all about and to shop for my outfit. I ended up bringing home 3 pairs of jeans, 5 tops, 2 pairs of shoes, a bracelet, and a record, and my total purchase was less than $80. #score

Before I left, I put out a call for thrifting advice on Instagram, and I got some great tips.

5 Tips for Thrift Store Shopping

  1. Go early and go often!
  2. Don’t go looking for something specific – you could overlook a great find. Have fun!
  3. Examine every item carefully for holes, missing buttons etc…
  4. Don’t be in a rush …. take your time and try everything on 😁
  5. I ❤ thrifting!!!! You never know what treasures you’re going to find.

Armed with these tips, I set out for my local Savers® on a rainy Thursday.

My Savers® Experience

When I arrived, I found a large and inviting building in an outdoor shopping center, and the first thing I noticed when I entered was how well organized the store is. It was large, open and airy, and everything was very tidy.

I’ve been in thrift stores before that were crammed with too much product, but Savers® was different. Not only was the inventory spaced out nicely, but all the racks were incredibly orderly and easy to look through.

I started shopping in the denim department because… where else? #denimismylovelanguage

I was really excited to see what name brands I would find, and I was hopeful I’d like the selection. First of all, I love how they hang their jeans — it makes it so easy to see the brands and sizes.

I didn’t find many skinny jeans (my favorite style) but I did find quite a few good pairs of bootcut jeans.I saw brands like Express, American Eagle, Gap, Loft, and Kut from the Kloth.

I get a lot of requests to style more bootcut jeans for the blog, so I picked up a few pairs. The ones I’m wearing in this post are Kut from the Kloth, and they were $11.99. I know, right???

Once I’d picked out my jeans, I moved on to the tops.

I like how they have their tops organized — a rack for sleeveless, another for short sleeves, then long sleeves, then sweaters, etc.

Within those racks, they are organized by size. I started in the sleeveless rack, and I found 5 tops in pristine condition sporting brand name labels I know well such as Loft, Ann Taylor, and Liz Claiborne. This Loft top was new with tags!!

This black top is Ann Taylor, and while it didn’t have any original tags on it, it looks brand new. I instantly put it in my basket because this is the type of top I love to wear for a date night in the summertime, and it also layers nicely under a blazer or denim jacket on cooler spring evenings.

I also picked up this set of bangles from the jewelry deparment.

Finally, I perused the shoe section. I debated a pair of black Nine West pumps, but I wanted something more summery so I ended up with a pair of super cute Christian Siriano sandals that look like new except for a bit of normal wear on the bottom of the sole.

They have thick straps and a modern block heel, and they’re very comfortable. Best of all, they are the perfect height to wear with these jeans.

My last stop was the record section. My 15 year-old daughter has an extensive record collection and an eclectic taste in music.

A few months ago, she and a friend went to a high school production of the musical, Brigadoon, and they had quite a time. They still joke about it, so when I saw the record for the soundtrack, I grabbed it immediately. C was beyond thrilled when I got home and presented it to her.

Overall, I was impressed with my Savers® shopping experience. I’ve been to a few thrift stores and consignment shops over the years, and never have I seen one this orderly and spacious.

With over 100,000 items on the sales floor and thousands of quality items arriving every day, I couldn’t begin to go through everything, but on the few racks I perused, I found a great selection of quality name brand clothing, and everything I looked at was in excellent condition.

If you’re shopping on a limited budget or simply enjoy thrifting for the thrill of the hunt, I highly recommend finding a Savers®, Value Village®, and Unique Thrift® near you. In addition to clothing, shoes, and accessories, they have a great selection of quality household items and unique finds. You never know what you might find!

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Savers®. The opinions and text are all mine.

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80 thoughts on “Spring Outfit Challenge with Savers®

  1. I HAVE THAT SAME BURGUNDY TANK FROM LOFT!! (Bought it last summer on sale) So funny! 😄 I wore it so much last summer with jeans, shorts, denim skirt….& I still love it. 
    So I have never heard of a “Savers” store; I don’t  think we have them in CA (or at least not that I know of). Sounds like you got lucky! The closest thing we have around here would be TJ Maxx (do you have those?)  but it doesn’t sell previously owned merchandise, just discounted. I have an aunt who shops at the Goodwill store near her in northern CA though; she says she’s found many items that are good brands with tags still attached. Go figure! 
    I’m a little weird and OCD though, and the thought of wearing something once worn by a stranger kind of bothers me. 😬 

  2. We have a Savers and it’s where my daughter headed whenever she needed stuff for spirit days in HS. You are right, they are very organized and have a ton of stuff. Nice finds!

  3. I so love Savers! And I like to donate to them, too. Nothing makes me more excited than going to Savers and finding nice things. I also like looking at their home goods.

  4. I love Savers! Glad you found some great deals. I’m currently taking course 2 for Adore Your Wardrobe, so of course I need to replace most of my summer wardrobe. I found a few great things I needed at Savers which really helped my budget!

  5. I’m not much of a consignment shopper but your description of how they have things organized makes me want to check out the Savers in my area – especially how they hang their jeans. Will have to put them on my list for weekend errands. I do have 2 stores that take my items to for recycling – I use Clothes Mentor and Uptown Consignment.

  6. Jo-Lynne, I love Savers. We had two big stores here in Toledo, and then one day I went in there and was told they were both being closed. The employees only had about a ten day notice. Needless to say, I was very disappointed and it gave me a bad feeling towards the company because of how they did it. Not sure what their reasoning was, as they were always busy. I really do miss them. I am a thrifter and they were my go to stores…always well organized with lots of merchandise. I am very sad that they pulled out! – Amy

  7. I LOVE Savers.  there is not one where I live but when I visit my friend in San Jose we always go to Savers for fun.    I have purchase many an oil painting from their as well as jeans….

  8. We love the Savers in Austin! You can really find some great clothing at thrift stores and I do that often!

  9. I DO have a Savers nearby and have found many great finds in clothing there. My daughter was THRILLED when I sent her to Savers to look for quality clothing for her new baby…her husband couldn’t believe the quality and price compared to the new items they had bought.

  10. I love Savers! I used to go to them in Phoenix when we lived in AZ and I always loved how well organized their store was. There’s supposed to be a Value Village about 45 minutes from where I now live but I haven’t had time to check it out yet.

  11. Interesting post. I like to visit thrift stores from time to time but don’t usually look for clothing. Maybe I should. 

  12. I love shopping at thrift stores! I never heard of Savers before but I’ll have to check it out 🙂

  13. Love thrifting.. minus a toddler. I have found some great things thrifting! Love the half off days.

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