Springtime, you are SUCH a tease!

Every year I dread the spring tease.  I am prepared for it.  I know it’s coming.  But it never ceases to get me.  And this year it got me again.

Up until last week, I really thought spring had sprung.  Most of April was quite nice.  It wasn’t as warm as I like, but it was nice enough for the kids to play outside for most of the month.  I had put away all the winter gear and christened the grill with my favorite gourmet burgers (recipe to come).

And then this week happened.  When the temperatures dropped, I dug out the sweatshirts and long sleeves that had barely been packed away and traded the grill for the crockpot.  And here I sit, the first week of May, wearing double layers, wondering if the warm weather will ever be here to stay.

Despite this weekend’s foreboding weather forecast, yesterday evening turned out to be quite nice.  In fact, last night we even had the first impromptu neighborhood driveway happy hour of the season, as my neighbor Kim brought out a bucket of frozen mojitos and a stack of plastic cups for the adults to pass around, and her kids raided the freezer and shared Popsicles with all of their little compatriots.

But today it is dark and cold, and I even skipped out on my son’s baseball game at the last minute after my husband called from the ballpark to advise me to stay in the comfort of home.  I didn’t need any more convincing. 

Next week’s weather promises to improve, and I’m sure I will once again get my hopes up and declare that winter is gone for good.  Please feel free to knock me down a peg or two.  Maybe one of these years, I’ll learn.

Hey, what do you think of the changes I made here on the ol’ blawg?  I’m trying to streamline and de-clutter.  What do you think of the sidebars?  And are the little purses too busy?  I’m thinking they are.