Stripes + Yellow Pants

I had to laugh when I saw that Cyndi styled these yellow pants yesterday. I’ve been holding onto these pictures for a couple of weeks because I really don’t care for this outfit, and I wanted to put some space in between this outfit and some of the other ones that I didn’t care for so much; but when I saw her post yesterday, I decided I should follow up with mine.

I first styled this striped top with black ponte moto leggings for a casual weekend outfit, and I definitely think it’s better suited to that look. It has more of a casual vibe to it, but I thought the black and white stripes were a nice compliment to the yellow pants so I put them together. I still like this top, though, and I like it even better front-tucked.

I always struggle with chino pants; I’ve never really been a fan of them on me, although they can look cute on others. I thought these girlfriend chinos were better than most when I tried them on in the dressing room, but I can see in these pictures that I need something more structured on top and probably a heel (or a tailor.) If they were a little shorter and tapered a bit, they might be okay.

Some of you will probably tell me my pants are too big, but they do fit through the waist and hips, so I don’t think I could have gone down a size.  I’m 5’5″ for reference, and I’m wearing the size 6.

Once again, I’m wearing this 3-disc necklace with my double hoop earrings. I love this combination, and when I find a pairing that works, I find myself gravitating to it again and again. I’ve had a lot of requests for more advice on accessorizing. I’m not sure I’m an expert, but I can tell you what I like and what I tend to do.

When it comes to a necklace and earrings, I typically choose one larger piece and then I make the other a smaller supporting piece. Either a statement necklace with hoops or studs, or statement earrings with a delicate supporting necklace (or no necklace.)

In this case, these earrings make more of a statement, and the necklace is the secondary piece. The outfit could be okay without the necklace, but the v-neckline could use something, so I chose this delicate 3-disc necklace. A small pendant would also work.

My bracelet is usually more of an afterthought, although I almost always wear one. I have a couple of go-to bracelets that I wear most days, and every once in a while I reach for a more substantial piece. In this case, I wore my Alex and Ani bangles. These aren’t as popular as they once were, but I still like them. They’re on the more casual side and they’re delicate (which I like) but there’s enough of them to be noticeable. I should probably add a few more to make a more substantial stack; I have about 8 or 9.

I kept the look simple with black ballet flats and a black tote. This is another area where I probably could have made better choices, but with the bright yellow pants, I didn’t want to bring in a lot of other colors. I like how Cyndi carried a burgundy bag with her outfit — something like that might be nice here as well.

This top is fairly heavy so it’s not really a layering piece, but maybe a similar striped tee with a denim jacket would work better. I actually think denim would be a nice addition to this outfit, but I’m sure that surprises no one. I think denim improves just about every outfit, ha!

I’m open to your feedback, but I’ll be back in my safety zone tomorrow with skinny jeans and ankle boots! #sorrynotsorry

striped top (size small) // girlfriend chinos (size 6) // similar black flats (option/budget option) // similar tote (budget option) // necklace // earrings (option) // sunnies c/o Maui Jim // lipstick

photo credit: Alison Cornell

Be sure to visit Cyndi to see the fall outfit she’s styling today!

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  1. It’s a really cute look……I think those pants would also pair nicely with a dark chambray button down top for a super casual/weekend look. I appreciate that you are getting out of your comfort zone for this series…….I know it’s not easy to pick things you would not normally gravitate towards.

    1. I love the yellow pants but am always afraid I will look like a bumble bee because of the black and yellow. But love the idea of a chambray shirt had not thought of that. I thought cream or black shirt, hence the bumble bee look. Now I have more reason for the yellow pants. 🙂

  2. Another denim girl here!! I really struggle with both chino pants & shorts- I buy them because they look cute on other people but then they sit abandoned and unworn in my closet….

  3. This is a cute outfit, and it looks great on you!  I’m going to have to think about that shade of yellow for the fall, but I appreciate the variety you present.  I look forward to sharing your FWTFL journey.  You look amazing, but I do understand getting older and seeing the weight creep and creep.  I can only imagine what it’s like to put so much of yourself out there for public consumption.  Thank you for sharing!

  4. I love the pants. Love love them …to me the pants fit fine as chinos are to be worn like a skinny jean. The top is the problem, it looks like it hits you wrong. 

  5. Cute outfit. Yellow pants are out of my comfort zone. I just bought a pair of burgundy and olive that are challenging for me. As we are in the middle of homecoming week here I absolutely love the marching band tee. Do you shop zulily much? I’ve always thought about signing up but then don’t.

  6. Thanks for sharing this look!  I like this outfit a lot and would wear it myself. As much as it’s not in your comfort zone, it’s totally in mine. I think the reason you struggle with chino type pants is the same reason I struggle with skinny pants… I keep trying them on and they just.dont.look.right. I hate the bunching around my knees and legs and just the tightness of them. I’m much more comfortable in a looser fit like this!  My daughter Has more of your style – if she tries on a looser fit pants she deems them “too big” when they actually fit. Anyway, I’m rambling to say that I think a lot is just what we’re used to.
    I’ve been doing FWTFL since spring 2017 when I read about Cyndi ‘s experience. I was in your place- the scale was at the upper level, my own efforts did not work and ALL my clothes were tight, making it so difficult to get dressed each day. I felt frumpy in everything.  It is a great program and for someone who eats healthy normally and exercises, not that hard to follow. It just took some shifting of what I was eating when and incorporating weight training and less running. It worked amazingly, almost too amazingly!  My boobs pretty much disappeared (I know you don’t have that problem) and the clothes that used to be tight were falling off me. This caused more issues with getting dressed but I’ve now bought a few new things.  I’m still doing the VIP group and have gained a bit back in my hips (problem area) as I’ve been less strict with the program but have been able to mostly maintain since my initial weight loss.  I want to figure out the sweet spot – maintaining for the long term while not being militant about the workouts. 

  7. I love your suggestion of denim with these pants. That’s the way I would end up wearing them. As always, this post provided a great fashion tutorial. I have learned so much from you!

  8. Interesting how these yellow chinos look a tad more mustard (warmer) on Cyndi than on you. With my coloring, I gravitate more towards warmer tones. Glad to have seen these on the both of you because I would never have thought I could pull off yellow pants.

  9. I like both pieces, but they don’t seem to compliment one another.  Now that I am retired, chino pants and I don’t work well together.  I suspect that you will put other tops and/or jackets with the yellow pants and the outfit will be a hit.  Back in April, going thru our family doctor to get on a prescription weight loss medicine was one of the smartest things I’ve done.  It made me crave wate, eat less, and not crave so many of the bad   She saw me once a month to check my progress and ensure I was not having any issues.  When I went back in August, I had lost 20 lbs., and we agreed it was time for me to stop the pill.  She said that I could resume it down the road if I need another kick in the backside.

  10. I love the pants on you, and to me they look like a good fit & length (although MY GOODNESS I was surprised how short they look on the website!) I have a pair in the same color from Loft from last spring (slightly different style,) and I usually wear them with a white T, denim jacket, and white Vans. Simple but it works. I think the ballet flats might be a little too delicate for these, and personally I prefer white (or light neutral) over black with yellow. Best of luck with FWTFL! Excited to see how it works for you 🙂

  11. So, I just pressed GO when I didn’t mean too!  Ugg!!  This is a continuation to what I was writing earlier.
    The weight loss pill I was on made me crave water, eat less, and not want so many of the bad foods.  I liked that I didn’t have to follow specific eating guidelines.  I am in my 3rd week of not taking the pill and thus far I have not gained one pound.  I weigh the same day every week; my food intake has not gone back up; and I am paying close attention to what I put in my mouth.  I have always loved chocolate.  A couple of days ago I bought one big slice of double chocolate cake and knew I could make it last several days.  I am so happy that when I tasted it that evening, I didn’t like it!  So, I gave it to a friend that loves everything chocolate, after he did some work for me yesterday.  Good luck!

  12.  That outfit is perfect for a Florida “Fall”.   I typically wear my yellow cropped pants with navy or navy and white stripes. I like the idea of a tee and denim jacket.
     I too am trying, for the first time, the Faster Way To Fat Loss program and am currently in prep week!  I need  to build some muscle and strength, and and very excited about this journey. I hope you post about  you were journey. 

  13. I did FWTFL last year. I lost 17lbs and so many inches. It has become a way of life for me!  I feel so confident now about working out and eating right. I hope it gives you some tools to live with as well! 

    1. That is great to hear! My biggest issue is I’m lazy and don’t want to think about meals and cooking more… and I don’t like raw veggies, but cooking takes time… I know I just need to get over it and do it.

  14. Love your look today! The chinos are a perfect fit and color. I find they are cooler to wear then denim on a warm day. And I do like the black stripes with them. But I would also do navy. I actually really liked the floral print blouse Cyndi showed, then she could bring out another color in the floral as an accent (the deep eggplant color). It is fun when the two of you take one core piece and style it two different ways. Maybe you need to do that more often, intentionally! HA!!!

  15. I’m with you on chinos. They look really cute on my mom and her body type but not so much on my body type.
    I’m really curious to hear about your experience with FASTer Way to Fat Loss. I know that Audrey from PMT had good results and is doing the second round. I thought about doing it but I just increased to an unlimited OrangeTheory membership so I am going to stick to that for now and maybe introduce intermittent fasting. Since my last birthday (40!), I feel like my body is definitely starting to change and not for the better! Keep us posted on your experience with it!

  16. I like this outfit! I have a top like that and those flats, so I’ll just have to go with some yellow pants!

    I am the same way when it comes to dieting. I need help and can never stay on the same plan the second time around. 

  17. Yes I agree with you,
    Not my favorite just can’t bend to yellow 
    In the fall.But I do like all dark burgundy and
    Brown skinnies!

  18. Don’t mean to be a Debbie downer here, but I do not like these pants on you.  I don’t like the color or the fit.  And I can see that they fit you, I just don’t find anything about them flattering.  But then, I didn’t like them all that much on the model (the yellow ones at least).  Everlane (which I know you don’t love) has a pair of straight leg crops that are more of a dark mustard color, and don’t have the side slash pockets (not my favorite on anyone with hips), which I think would be better (both color and style).  It’s only my opinion of course.  The rest of the outfit is fine, but seeing some of the other things you’ve put together recently that are fabulous, I give these a “meh”. 

    1. LOL! Girl, you know I agree. I think they are horribly frumpy-dump on me. They just do not work, which is why I never wear them.

      I’ve never had luck with Everlane clothes or shoes, I don’t know why. I’ll check them out tho.

  19. We are almost the exact same size and I too keep gaining…I’ve recently started going to a local trainer twice a week. The problem is I need to change my eating habits…it just seems so hard/time consuming to eat healthy especially since my husband loves to eat out. ANYWAY, I agree with you on the outfit would probably look better with a more fitted top and a denim jacket 🙂

  20. They do need a more casual look, but I don’t think they will ever look good on me. At least not this pair. Before I send them back (because they ARE going back, ha!) I should try them with a navy and white striped top, denim jacket, and my Converse… just for comparison’s sake.

  21. I feel the exact same way you do about chinos! I’ve pretty much given up on them. I only have jeans and more structured work type pants (and I’m even very picky about those.) But I do appreciate seeing different types of outfits!

      1. I used to love J. Crew’s wool Minnie pants, and I still stalk those on eBay like a predator whenever they pop up in my size. They were a work-appropriate pant that fit me like a skinny jean and didn’t feel frumpy, which is SO hard to find. I have a pair of their Edie trousers now, which have more of a drapey straight leg but they’re slim through the hips and rear so still pretty flattering on me. Always looking for more that work! I tend to wear skirts and dresses to work a lot because it’s so hard to find good work pants.

  22. That is something I could wear to work. I like those chinos on you. What I don’t usually like is light colored chinos on my behind! Pants are about the only place that I could wear yellow, but that would be calling too much attention to my short legs and rather ample behind. It looks really cute on you though! I don’t think the pants look too big. You’ve gotten so used to skinny jeans that any other fit feels funny to you. 🙂

  23. Thank you for talking about how you are choosing your jewelry/accessories–that is very helpful. As for the chinos, I totally understand what you mean about having trouble wearing them. Occasionally I have found good ones, but they usually tend to just be unflattering on me. I am also an hourglass. I wonder if chinos are just not suited to that body shape because the fabric doesn’t really drape and the cut of the legs tends to be kind of full? Seems like they look good on a lot of other people, though–?!?! I do really like your choice of the black and white combo with this yellow–if the pants were a better fit for you it’d be a home run.

  24. Cute outfit. I like yellow, so may give those chinos a try. I had first heard about FWTFL through a different blogger (seersuckerandsaddles), but then saw Cyndi’s success. I’m currently in round 1 – week 4 of 6 and seeing results. My clothes are fitting better and although I’m not sure anyone else can tell, I’m seeing my “love handles” and stomach area shrinking a bit. I actually enjoy fasting every day. Tomorrow is actually my first 24 hour fast, but even that doesn’t seem too daunting when you think about the fact that most of the fast is spent sleeping. Like you, I feel like I don’t have great luck repeating a past program. Although, having said that, I did do Chris Powell’s high carb/low carb program a couple times and lost weight. Obviously, there’s something to this carb cycling and intermittent fasting. I wish you the best of luck in your program. YOU CAN DO IT!!

  25. Maybe because I am so used to seeing you in skinnies, but I just don’t see this outfit as your style. I do think the top and bottom look big on you and don’t accentuate your curves.

    Also, my scale hit the number that must not be named. I felt awful physically and emotionally, and getting dressed…. Well that was just awful! I have the Simply Keto book by Suzanne Ryan and in about 12 days I have lost a tad over 5# and 2 inches off my bloated midsection. I am not hungry eating this way, and before I felt like I was starving all day long and I fed that feeling all day. No wonder I gained so much! I am learning what a real portion size is and I feel 1000X better than before starting this. I aim to do it for the rest of my life. I hope your new plan does the same for you!

    1. No, it’s not my style. I was trying to branch out and show more casual work wear looks. 🙂

      Good to know about the Keto book… my friend is doing what she calls a modified keto diet, lol, but it is working for her.

  26. Hi there, I too am starting the faster way to fat loss :).. You made a statement that made me curious though. You said you were in the prep week. I am starting on 9/17/18 and was told that was actually the prep week. Is that when you are starting? We maybe on different weeks but your comment got me to wondering lol… Anyway good luck to you and me! I hope we both succeed in our goals 🙂

  27. I have to agree that this isn’t your best outfit. The balance seems off the footwear isn’t right.  But. I learn so much more from you when you miss the mark.   So keep on getting out of your comfort zone and keep posting the less good looks, know that you are helping us all learn how to look and see the potential issues with an outfit.   

  28. I have these exact same pants from Loft. I didn’t love them. Then my teenage daughter cuffed them for me and had me put on a wedge heel and it made all the difference. I wear them all the time now.

    1. A few reasons – First, I didn’t realize I didn’t like it until I saw the pictures. I actually didn’t try it on all together before the photo shoot. (I don’t usually do that, but I ran out of time.) I mean, I know I generally don’t like this style of pant, but I keep trying them because I get a lot of requests for casual work wear, and in the dressing room, I thought they were okay.

      Second, my regular readers often say they like it that I post outfits I don’t love because they learn from my misses. Plus I also get told I can wear anything, which is not true, and sometimes I feel the need to prove it, ha! But seriously, I don’t try to make it look easy because it isn’t! I personally resent reading blogs that make fashion look effortless, so I think I think it is important for people to see that I struggle with it too sometimes.

      And third, I have committed to post an outfit every day for the entire month, and I simply can’t afford to waste a photo shoot. #trueconfessions 🙂

  29. I always have to cuff my Loft chinos (among others since I’m 5’0) boohoo
    I think these would be cute with a denim shirt and either leopard flats or suede mocks you just got from Nordstrom. Think you have some in brown😉

  30. I do love the top but not so much the pants. They look great on you but for some reason they don’t look good on my body. I also feel like they’re fitting weird – maybe I just haven’t found the right fit/brand. 

  31. I love chinos but steer clear of those that get those awful crotch wrinkles. Sometimes sizing down works for me. I find Reitman chinos fit me perfectly but Lofts do not. Perhaps, if you shop around you’ll find a brand that fits your body. 
    I like to put a small cuff on mine and pair them with sandals or booties in the fall. Not sure I would buy the yellow ones though. I tend towards boring colours like olive, grey, beige. 
    I noticed fanny packs are trending. 😱

  32. I like that you share your “misses” with us as well, b/c the points you make are very helpful. I have a few pairs of Gap Factory Girlfriend Chinos that I love–so comfortable, can be worn to work (I’m in public education), look cute/casual, and they are cool for warmer weather. I tend to wear them with t-shirts/denim jacket or t-shirt/cardigan (I’m actually in this outfit today!). My usual shoes are either slip on sneakers, loafers, or pointy-toed loafers or flats. Oh, & I do the little roll on the cuffs as well. Something about that seems to help.

  33. I am 5’3″ and a size 4-6. Pants are usually too long in regulars or too short in petites. I am a big fan of skinny pants because the length seems to be more forgiving. I do have a few pairs of chino pants that I wear for work but the length of them are either one inch longer or one inch shorter than the pair in this post. If I had these pants I would probably cuff them an inch at the seam. Also, I think of chinos as a preppy menswear style so I wear them with a dressier menswear type loafer like these: Lior Loafer, Sam Edelman or Amelia Loafer Mule,
    Tori Burch. Add a touch feminine bling and I am good to go!

  34. Jo-Lynne, I think it’s great that you styled them right after Cyndi because it shows how one style works, or doesn’t work, on different body types. I think the real issue is the waist on the pants. It just doesn’t hit at the most flattering place if you’re curvy, which I (and you) am. I had that thought when I saw them on Cyndi’s post yesterday, so while I loved the color, my intuition yesterday was that they were a no for me.

  35. I love it when you keep it real and tell us you weren’t really feeling an outfit. That’s life, right?! I totally feel that way some days and with some posts. I think it’s important that people know not all outfits are hitting on all 10 cylinders as it were. You still look cute though!

  36. I am signed up too! I’ve been trying on my own to tone up and lose a few and it hasn’t worked!  This sounds like a great program that tells us exactly what to do- just will require a little planning for food.  I think what works changes as we gain a few years lol!

  37. I learned so much from the comments section today. I like how you style looks which you don’t care for and then analyse why they don’t work. It’s very helpful. However, I must disagree with you, and almost everyone’ else here. I think you look awesome. The two pieces work together and the whole outfit looks “lively “ ,for want of a better word. I’m finding skinny denims, ie. most of my pants, are getting boring. I think I’m done with that look. I do realize that it’s hard to give up a look you feel comfortable in but I think that’s how we can look dated.  Love how you and Cyndi style the same items.

  38. I have two ideas for posts that might be fun. One, you and Cyndi could select a few trendy pieces each series to feature independently, as it’s been fun to see the different ways you style them. Also, before you return items you don’t like, you could restyle them based on reader input and your ideas and run a “Revisited” post later. I’m sure we would all learn from it to improve our own eye for what works or doesn’t.
    I actually have liked the basics of many of the work outfits you’ve shown. They just need some tweaking!

  39. Jo-Lynne! So I’m so glad you said that about the chino pants, I have always felt the same way! They are super cute, but never seems right on me! Are these wide leg, or shorter on purpose? I like the rolled hem look. AND, since you mentioned it…. I, too, have gained more weight this year than I ever have…. and tipped the scale to an UNnamed number!! Having been small all my life, this is not good! After seeing the pictures we took on vacation, I decided it is time to DO something about it as well! I’ve watched Cyndi talk about that program, but I’m always hesitant to pay for something I ought to be able to do on my own… plus I know me pretty well and I have commitment issues!! LOL! So I will be very interested in your journey as well! 😀 Go Jo!!!

  40. Its so funny how you and Cyndi have been on the same page a few times now with what you’re styling. Like some others I feel the outfit says more spring than fall. Our weather is up in the high 90’s again, after a few fall like days, and will be continuing through until next week. I have no idea what I should be wearing these days, in fact I had started taking all the really summer items out of my closet and tried to leave the greys, olive greens, and blacks that are a bit cooler to wear, I’ve actually been getting more wear out of my white denim jeans, and T-shirt dresses with a denim jacket in the mornings. Not sure if we will have much of a fall or not. Good luck with the FWTF loss program. I lost 12 lbs in the last year but just with making my own changes, and yes what we put in our mouths especially at this age does account for about 80% of our weight. I love to exercise but more for a stress relief and healthy living. I lost the weight because I made changes in what I ate, but believe me I still enjoy a chocolate bar or a dessert out on occasion. I do still want to be happy as I age, and not cranky from depriving myself. Also with a family of 4 still living at home I ‘m not ready to prepare a bunch of special meals, so that program was not for me. You also look great in your clothes and don’t look like there’s any weight issues. but you know what’s best for you. Hope you have a great day

  41. Hi Jo-Lynne – I knew eventually you would give FWTFL a try! I joined last year because I had followed Cyndi’s success. I did a couple of rounds back to back and then maintained on my own. Rejoined earlier this year to get back on track, as I fell off the wagon a bit. I’m now in VIP with Cyndi. Struggling through perimenopause but FWTFL helps a lot as it makes me feel better. Can’t wait to follow you as you go through the plan. Don’t worry, I don’t like all the meal pre-planning or cooking but if I just spend a day getting things ready it makes the week go so much easier. Good luck!

  42. I really love this top! And the color combination. It’s fresh and classic. Good lunch with your program.  I’m lazy too and am not one of those who likes to cook or even plan for it, so it’s hard to lose weight the older I get.  Hope you have success with it!

  43. I think you look adorable!  I agree that you do look amazing in your jeans, too, but this outfit is something different that we usually don’t see you wearing. I like everything about it !  Well done as far as I’m concerned!

  44. Interesting.  The pants look more skinny on Cyndi than you, but how can that be?  The leg opening at the bottom would be the same.  I’m like you…..I keep trying chino’s over the years, but at 5’3″ I never like the way they look. I don’t feel put together.  I feel frumpy for some reason.  I commented on Cyndi’s outfit that day and said I still think the yellow says Spring to me, but I guess its a nice change for Fall.  I love the striped shirt you put with it.  I think you look cute in the outfit.  I just don’t think for me, I’d buy yellow pants.  I wouldn’t want to stick out.  As for your new program.  I’ve heard lots about it from Cyndi and her sister’s blog.  It sounds like a lot of work, but you will have lots of support.  I can’t do it, as I have food allergies and have enough trouble keeping weight on, eating so clean.  BUT….I could use the workouts.  I need to build muscles.  Good luck on the program.  I don’t think you need it though.  You look like a good weight to me.  What is your plan about buying clothes for Fall/Winter, as you will loose weight on the program and then all your clothes will be too big? 

    1. Well, hers are 2 sizes smaller, lol. But still… isn’t it weird how they fit two people so differently?

      I don’t intend to lose enough weight to need smaller clothes. I just want the ones I have to fit better. There may be a few things that would start to look big, but most of my clothes are pretty snug, and I just want to lose 5-7 lbs so that I’m back where I was last fall.

  45. I like all your clothing pieces but not together. I wonder how it’d look if you wore the yellow chinos with a white tee, denim jacket and your white Converse tennis shoes. More of a casual chino vibe. I bet it’d be closer to your comfort zone too and really cute on you. 

  46. I hope you like FWTFL, but I have to put my two cents in on diets in general.  And yes, I know this is a lifestyle thing, but being so restrictive, it will be hard to live with.   I am in my mid 50’s and weigh the same I have for my adult life, 114 lbs.  I do not diet, have some sort of baked good every day, and eat no special diet.  However, I do eat small portions, I don’t eat aside from my normal times.  I think most people eat too large of portions and just grab food if it’s appealing.   Also, if you have to give up what you most enjoy, it makes it hard.  So while I may be saying “No,” to something I want, I’m either looking forward to or have recently enjoyed my favorite thing, my every afternoon pie/cake/etc.     Every person has a treat they don’t want to give up.  Focus on having that, not giving up the other.   And yes, weight loss is 80% in the kitchen, 20% in the gym.
    Just my thoughts    : )

  47. I like this outfit and I like the top styled this way better than the first time you styled it. I can embrace this yellow for fall as we usually wear mustard for fall, so I think it works great as a transitional color. I think the black keeps it on the fall side. If it were a spring outfit, lighter shoes and purses would be in order.

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