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This giveaway is closed.  The winning number is . . . 35!!!!  Congratulations, DomesticMe.  Enjoy your bling!

I met Lisa Lehman, a.k.a. The Bead Girl, last February at Blissdom.  It was impossible not to miss her.  She’s tall and gorgeous, and her husband was at her side for most of the conference.  (Now that’s one brave man.)  We chatted a few times and when I got home, I checked out her site, Studio Jewel.  Her jewelry is every bit as striking as she is.  She combines metal and semi-precious stones to create unique, meaningful, and most importantly wearable designs.

I’ve been wanting a simple, casual necklace to wear in the neckline of my many tank-top/cardigan-sweater-wrap outfits, so when Lisa DMed me on Twitter and offered a piece of her jewelry for me to try, I clicked right over to her necklace collection.  It was a hard decision, which really isn’t news; indecisiveness is one of my stronger personality traits.  But there are so many gorgeous pieces in her store.

I finally decided on this elegant Circle Me design.

My necklace arrived in my mailbox in a pretty branded box, and I’ve worn it every day since I got it. It is as perfect with yoga pants and a hoodie as it is with a cashmere sweater wrap. I get compliments on it everywhere I go.  I love the triple chains and the combination of gold and silver.

I tried to take a self portrait, but it didn’t go so well.  I have such a pained expression on my face; what is UP with that?  Maybe I should have just cropped the rest of my head out of the photo and been done with it.  Nevertheless, here you go.

Wouldn’t this be a great gift for your mom?  Your sister?  Your BFF?

Now’s a great time to start thinking about Christmas shopping.  You know why?  Lisa has generously offered Musings of a Housewife readers 15% off and free shipping on Studio Jewel orders through the end of the year. To take advantage of this offer, email your order to [email protected], and Lisa will send a paypal request for payment.  In your email, include any specifics you need to: size, words for stamping etc.

And it gets better.  One lucky reader will receive $50 towards a Studio Jewel order. Just leave a comment on this post telling me which item from her shop you would buy if you win.  I will select a winner on Friday.

Be sure to follow Lisa on Twitter and on her Facebook Fan Page and also at her blog.  And also, her badge will be on my sidebar for the next few months, just in case you forget where to find her!

Disclosure: I received a necklace from Studio Jewel to facilitate this review.

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  1. I hate to be a copycat, but since I’m rarely in Philly, I figured you wouldn’t mind…. I’d choose the circle me necklace.

  2. I’ve got a thing for necklaces… and the simple and sweet one totally reminded me of my little sister!! BEAUTIFUL jewelry!!!

  3. Love, Love, Love the handstamped personalized dog tag charm necklace. I have been oggling over one for a while now. =)

  4. I would get the circle necklace because I love it on you and it goes with everything!
    I love two tone jewelry. My watch is two tone. Thanks!

  5. Lisa gave a sneak peak of a ring she was working on with three little stones on it. I’m so hoping to get that ring for my Mom Ring once baby #3 comes in Feb!

  6. I would love to purchase the “Feeling Holy” earrings…they are something you could wear day/night

  7. i love the “forever and always” necklace. this would look great with the top i plan on wearing for thanksgiving!

    great giveaway, great hostess.

  8. I like the stamped bars necklace. I have a circle tag for my son, but now that I have a daughter I need to update

  9. This jewelery is very pretty. I”ve bookmarked the site for the next time I need a beautiful, unique gift. My fave (do you think the hubby is reading this?) is She has curves. I could see the versatility you mentioned.

  10. i would either get the sweet and simple necklace or the floating circle ring…or maybe both!!!!

  11. I think I would have to get the stamped bar moms necklace. I love it! Would it be for me or my mom? Hmmm, just don’t know yet!

  12. Definitely the Make A Wish necklace! I volunteer for the Illinois Chapter and love that she made the necklace and donates the proceeds!

  13. I love the “stacked” rings and the “initial” necklace. I would have a VERY hard time choosing between the two. There were so many great pieces to choose from.

  14. Ooooo.. so many goodies to choose from!!

    Hmmmm….. I will have to go with the “family tag mom kids initial or names sterling silver necklace”… I have been wanting one of these for a long time!

  15. Spiritual Milestones would be my choice! And the verse she has featured on this piece is my very own FAV!!! Beautiful pieces and it was hard to choose!!

    Sheri O.

  16. Hate to be a copycat but…. circle me is my FAV! I have been looking for something cute with both tones and this is it. MUST HAVE 😉

  17. I am as indecisive as you, so I would copy and get the same one…it’s classic but fun, eye catching but not too much. Also blends the silver/or gold issue easily.

  18. I love the Circle Me necklace. I also like the look of the All Dressed Up necklace. Not sure which one I would go for 🙂

  19. I went to her website and the Swirl earrings are just my style. I have also lost, broken all of my earrings so right now I have none.

  20. Did I enter before? I never win so I probably didn’t. I like the forever and always – would make a great gift!

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