Success! (Wordless Wednesday)

Look what I found beside my bed when I woke up this morning.

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30 thoughts on “Success! (Wordless Wednesday)

  1. LOL, I woke up today to my 8 year old son sound asleep on the sofa in the family room. With the TV controller in his hand!! Like father like son.

  2. Good for her! I had to laugh when I saw it though – my older girls both have that same pillowcase. 🙂

  3. We too had to take this ‘you can sleep in here but on the floor’ approach and it has worked well for us. Of Course…there are days I wake up to that sweet face on my pillow but I think it has been empowering for my DD to know that she needs to sleep on her own. K

  4. What a great way to wake up! Adorable!
    (Just found you via Rocks In My Dryer…love your blog and your nail-polish in your photo! Is it “Lincoln Park After Dark?”)

    Will be back often!

  5. Way to go! We have been trying for a while to implement that rule…and others…really anything that will work.
    So I totally understand your excitement when you find her on the floor and not in your bed!

  6. So glad we’re not alone in this department. Although on most occasions she’s squeezing into our bed… of course when her sister’s left her enough room.

  7. So what I’m hearing is you woke up on your own without being crawled all over by a little person?? That is so awesome – I would love that!

  8. Good for her and for you. Hope the rest of the rules you implement over the next 13 years work this well! By the way, she is precious.

  9. I think it’s funny how Cinderella’s feet look like they are C’s feet!

    Good for you – hope it keeps up!

  10. She is so adorable. I think you definately need to save this one, and when she comes home with her fiancee you can show this to him. LOL so cute.

  11. Hi! Never have I commented but I love your blog. Just had to chime in here on the AI post. I loved it! I totally missed the One Republic performance though! I love them. I am a bit biased though (went to HS with those guys) and also I LOVE Carrie Underwood, although yes it did look like she just had a jacket on or something but I got a glimpse one time and it was shorts under there. Just short shorts 😉

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