Sun, Glorious Sun!

After two DISMAL days, one with almost constant rain, Wednesday was like a morsel of bread to a starving man.  We’ve been starving, alright — starving for sunshine.  And we ate it up.  All day yesterday the lake was positively glistening, and there was a cool breeze wafting through the open windows in the camp.  The kids were outside almost all day.

Goofing Off

Kayaking with Dad

Today the gloom and doom is back, but we enjoyed a slight reprieve.

My brother came into town last weekend, and his fiancée arrived last night.  It makes for cozy living quarters, but it’s nice to have some fresh blood around here. I love my family, but two weeks is a lot of togetherness.  I’m just sayin’. 

Today we’re off to one of our very favorite destinations — The Jordan Pond House — for their famed tea and popovers.  (Or in my case, coffee and popovers.  And lobster stew.  Theirs is the best around, in my humble opinion.)  Pictures are sure to follow.