Sunscreen, Revisited

Last year I posted about the controversial subject of sunscreen. Over the past year, I’ve learned more about the health benefits of moderate sun exposure and the potential dangers of chemical-based sunscreens, and I’m more convinced than ever that I want to take the cautious approach to using sunscreens. I prefer not to use them unless absolutely necessary, and when I do, I opt for the barrier sunscreens as opposed to the chemical ones.

We’re discussing this topic in greater depth on the Therapon Skin Health blog. Feel free to chime in!

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8 thoughts on “Sunscreen, Revisited

  1. Can you give some examples of “barrier sunscreens” and where to find them? It’s so confusing when you go to the store to know what to buy – for me, my face, my kids, in water/out…. And they can be so expensive. I don’t mind spending $ on something that actually works and is healthy – it’s just hard to know what that is!

    1. I found a bunch of Burts Bees sunscreen clearanced at my grocery store a few months back. My mom also found a California Baby sunscreen clearanced as well. Basically anything with zinc oxide or a similar barrier is healthier than your average sunscreen.

  2. Speaking from experience, I highly recommend sunscreen at at times. Skin cancer will do that to you.

    1. Hi Catherine. There is melanoma in my family, so trust me, I am not cavalier about the sun. I hope it didn’t come across that way.

      But there is research that suggests that our overuse of sunscreen might actually contribute to the growing rates of skin cancer.

      No matter what our philosophy on sunscreen, I think we can all agree that burning is BAD and that we should stay on top of any suspicious looking spots so if there is cancer lurking, it can be caught early. I get checked out yearly.

      I trust yours was caught early and you are well?

    2. And speaking from experience, getting a skin cancer FROM sunscreen is entirely possible as well. My mother had daily applied sunscreen to her face as part of her morning ritual (sometimes twice a day). To do so, she squirted a glob of sunscreen on the outside of her hand between her thumb and pointer finger and used her other hand to apply it. She developed a rather dangerous skin cancer on her hand EXACTLY where she had dolloped the sunscreen every day for over 20 years. Her doctor said it was most definitely from the Vitamin A they add to most sunscreen products.

  3. I agree about sunscreen. I do not wear it because the chemicals are so toxic. People dont realize that our skin is our largest organ and everything penetrates to our blood stream (hence birth control patches, etc). I live in Southern California and even without using sunscreen I recently was discovered to be extremely vit d deficient. I went through a 50,000 iu a day dose for 2 months to correct it. My Dr told me to not wear sunscreen unless I will be actually lying in the sun , like at the beach. Imagine that! So I put a all natural barrier product on my face, called Sun Putty. It is pretty amazing stuff and one little tub lasts a long time. I also use it in the summer at the beach. It is pricey, but theres no price to great than a chemical free body!
    Great topic….not alot of people know this.

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