Survivor China premieres tonight.  Who’s watching with me?

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  1. What in the world? See, THIS is what happens when you live overseas. You hear about the presidential candidates, and Britney Spears dancin’ in her skivvies, but I totally have not heard about Survivor China. Where is it going to happen in China? On an island? Or on the interior? In a village? WHERE? Having lived in China in 2006, oh, I’d love to know where it’s going to be.

    Off to google it.

    Harumph. Can’t believe I haven’t heard about this!

  2. OK. Answered my own question. They said a lake outside of Nanchang has been off-limits for months, and it’s booked for 6 total months. Wow. Anyway, Nanchang is on the southeast part of China, one province in from the coast. If you think of China as the US, this is like Tennesee/Northern Alabama.

    Only WAY WAY WAY beautiful… incredibly hilly and amazingly pretty. I wish I could go, just for the scenery.

    Thanks for the tipoff about this, dcrmom.

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