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  1. Your tree is beautiful, and I love the red garland! May it bring you and your family a joyful and memorable Christmas season.

  2. Looks great Jo Lynne! I´ve haven´t commented in a while, but hope you had a great Thanksgiving with your family and wish you a blessed Advent and Christmas!

  3. Beautiful tree. I love looking at other trees. I love to look at them while shopping also. I hope to get mine done is the next couple of days.

  4. Wow! Already? It’s beautiful. I am not even sure we are going to do a tree this year. We will be out of town for a long weekend next weekend and then we won’t be here for Christmas. We are contemplating a small potted tree that we can plant.

  5. Christmas decorating was the plan for today, but it got derailed. We got back from spending 3 days with my parents this afternoon and I brought some kind of cold with me too. So instead of decorating I’m playing online. Maybe tomorrow we will get the tree up.

    Yours looks great, as always.

  6. Very pretty! We have our trees up and the lights are on but no decorations yet. Hopefully we’ll get the decorations on the tree tomorrow.

  7. Your tree looks GORGEOUS! I’m sure it feels great to have it all done and be able to enjoy it. We are moving much slower this year–my holiday mojo is missing.

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