Spring/Summer Fashion
March 2, 2021

Spring Outfit Formula with a Patterned Blouse

Today I'm styling one of my tried and true spring outfit formulas: Patterned Blouse + White Jeans + Denim Jacket + Neutral Shoe. This outfit is quintessential Jo-Lynne. I think I have at least one variation of this outfit in every spring fashion series.
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Fall/Winter Fashion
February 8, 2017

Casual Outfit Formula: Turtleneck + Puffer Vest + Black Jeans + Sneakers

Hello and happy Wednesday! Today I’m wrapping up my style series on casual outfit formulas for moms. We were going for an athleisure look with this outfit formula, but I’m not sure mine ended up that way. Technically athleisure would involve leggings or joggers, but neither I’m not a huge fan of leggings, so I styled my athleisure look...
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Fall/Winter Fashion
February 1, 2017

Casual Outfit Formula: Long Cardigan + Tee + Jeans + Boots

Hello, friends. Happy hump day! Cyndi and I are back again with another casual outfit formula for moms. But first, a story. Grab a coffee. It’s kind of long. (I don’t tell short stories, but you know that by now, right!?!) I don’t know what it looks like on the other side of the computer screen,...
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Fall/Winter Fashion
January 25, 2017

Casual Outfit Formula: Graphic Tee + Denim Jacket + Black Jeans

Good morning! Cyndi and I are back today with the 3rd of our 5 casual outfit formulas for moms! Today we’re each styling a graphic tee with a denim jacket, non-blue jeans, and ankle boots (or sneakers.) When I set up this series, I tried to create 5 outfit formulas that incorporated a variety of wardrobe...
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Fall/Winter Fashion
January 18, 2017

Casual Outfit Formula: Leggings + Tunic + Tall Boots

Hello, friends. Happy Hump Day! I’m back with another easy outfit formula for women on the go! This is a basic outfit formula that almost anyone can wear. The key is to make sure your tunic is long enough to cover your lady parts, but not so voluminous that it adds visual weight. Some women can get...
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Fall/Winter Fashion
January 11, 2017

Casual Winter Outfit Formula: Skinny Jeans + Solid Pullover + Scarf + Ballet Flats

Good morning! Happy Hump Day! Today Cyndi and I are launching a 5-part series on casual outfit formulas for moms (or all women, really!) We certainly don’t want to alienate women who aren’t moms. I feel like this first one is a bit of a cop-out since it is pretty much what I wear all the...
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