Fall/Winter Fashion
August 7, 2017

Fall 2017 Boot Guide

Last week I shared my Fall 2017 Wardrobe Essentials so today I thought we could talk more about boots since they are one of the best things about fall fashion. Can I get an amen? When deciding how many pairs of boots you need and what colors and styles you should to have in your closet, it’s important to do a quick lifestyle audit and think about what types of clothing you usually wear, what your weather is like, and of course your personal style aesthetic.
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November 10, 2016

How to Wear Brown Boots with Black Pants and Dresses

Some of you have asked about how to wear brown boots with black pants and dresses. I get it. Habits are hard to break, and with matters of fashion, it can be take some time to get used to a new look. No one wants to look like they’re trying too hard, so it’s easy to revert to...
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Fall/Winter Fashion
October 3, 2016

Instagram Roundup // What I Wore This Week 10.03.16

Happy Monday, friends! I’m excited for a full work week with no travel plans or other distractions. I’m way overdue for an Instagram Roundup, and today seemed like as good a day as any. When I started the 26 Days of Fall Fashion seasonal style challenge, I decided not to post Instagram roundups so I could...
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Fall/Winter Fashion
March 6, 2016

Instagram Recap // Coffee Talk

Well, it’s Sunday again! I posted this to my Instagram this morning. What a marvelous promise, is it not? This week flew by for me, I don’t know about you. It’s been a bit stressful because my knee has been acting up again. This time it is my other one. The one that I was...
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February 10, 2016

Spring Fashion Preview: Green Tunic, Leggings & Riding Boots

Dolman Sleeve Sweater $39 | FAVORITE leggings $36 | Frye Phillip Riding Boots $358 (worth the investment!) | Twist Lock Shoulder Bag $20 | D Yurman Link Ring $495 | my Stella & Dot New Moon Necklace, Alila Lace Chandeliers & Becker Cuff | Kate Spade Watch $225 There’s still snow on the ground here in Philly, but I have a touch of spring fever. On...
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Fall/Winter Fashion
December 9, 2015

What I Wore: Sweater Dress + Denim Jacket

Holla! How did it get to be Wednesday? This week is flying. Heck, this month is flying. The weather has been so mild, it still doesn’t even feel like the Christmas season to me yet, but I have two trees up, my cards are all addressed and ready to go in the mail, and I’m...
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Fall/Winter Fashion
November 3, 2015

Cambridge Cable Chunky Turtleneck

I’m all about this turtleneck trend this fall. I hate to be cold, and turtlenecks are SO cozy and warm. I discovered the 25% off fall sale at J.Crew last week, and I ordered this Chunky Cable Turtleneck along with their Relaxed Wool Turtleneck with Ribbed Trim, which I’m actually wearing this very moment as I sit here and...
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Fall/Winter Fashion
October 23, 2015

Fall Outfit Inspiration: Denim Skirt + Riding Boots

I know I keep saying this, but we are having the most gorgeous fall weather this year. It’s absolute perfection. The mornings are cool, but most days warm up into the 60s. This week we’ve even had some 70-degree weather. There hasn’t been much rain, so the leaves are taking their time changing colors, and...
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Fall/Winter Fashion
October 17, 2015

Fall Outfit: Plaid + Khaki

Last Saturday my husband and I wandered over to a nearby farm to get these photos. I love that he’s taking an interest in photography. It sure does make my life easier! You may remember this shirt. It’s from Stitch Fix. I wore it first with jeans and a white tank and those fabulous embellished red t-strap...
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Fall/Winter Fashion
September 28, 2015

Fall Outfit Ideas: Denim + Red + Khaki

Today is Day 24 of 26 Days of Fall Outfits! You guys! I think I did it! I have pictures for my last two posts, so I feel like I’m home free. People have asked me how on earth I am coming up with 26 different outfits. I did buy some things, but many times I shopped...
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Fall/Winter Fashion
September 17, 2015

How to Wear Black and Brown Together

Welcome back to 26 Days of Fall Outfits! Today is Day 15, and today I want to show you how to wear black and brown together. Pairing black and brown is no longer a no-no. In fact, it’s a great way to update your look with basics you have in your closet. A black dress with brown...
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February 21, 2015

28 Days of Outfits: Days 20 & 21

I decided to do another combo post since I already posted a slew of my own photos yesterday for Fashion Friday. I do hope these daily style posts aren’t getting to be Jo-Lynne overload! Yesterday, I had a lunch date as well as dinner plans, and a little stint in my daughter’s classroom in between,...
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