October 7, 2017

30 Minute Meals: Rice & Beans with Sausage

I used to enjoy spending time in the kitchen, trying new recipes, and creating fabulous dinners. These days, my goal is to get a homemade dinner on the table in the shortest amount of time possible, and ideally, during that elusive window when all three kids are home at the same time. Who can relate?...
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March 26, 2015

Fig & Bourbon Glazed Ham Recipe

The title of this ham may sound fancy, however, it is so easy! Hi! Colleen here today with another delicious dish that is sure to impress! Between you and me…no one needs to know that this scrumptious ham glaze only calls for 4 ingredients! A well-made ham is always a hit around the holidays, especially...
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January 6, 2015

EASY Weeknight Dinner Recipe: Kale Mash

I’m making it a goal in 2015 to find more healthy and EASY weeknight dinner recipes. I have decided that I tend to cook very labor intensive meals, and when life gets busy, homemade meals get pushed aside because it’s just too much trouble. But home cooking doesn’t need to be labor intensive. When a friend...
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October 31, 2014

Kitchen Hack: How to Make Homemade Bacon Bits

Who doesn’t love bacon? Check out just how easy it is to make your own real bacon bits and go from 15+ ingredients to just one! It’s Colleen here today, we’re talking about homemade bacon bits!!! This is one of my favorite kitchen tips. Seriously, isn’t bacon one of the most delicious foods on the...
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September 10, 2014

Pan-Roasted Pork Loin With Leeks

This pan roasted pork loin with leeks is super easy to throw together and delicious enough to serve to company. It has just FOUR ingredients! I’m reposting this pan roasted pork loin with leeks recipe because I’ve just started making it again, and I CANNOT believe I have flipped through my cookbook so many times and...
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September 5, 2013

Kielbasa & Pepper Pasta

Are you ready for an EASY weeknight dinner recipe? I am so excited about this! I picked up some kielbasa from my local butcher planning to throw it on the grill, but when I got home, I decided to Google for another idea. I came across this recipe for Kielbasa & Pepper Pasta and decided...
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August 29, 2013

Easy Crockpot Pulled Pork

This is the easiest dinner you will ever make. I’m serious. I don’t know why I don’t make it twice a week. This pulled pork recipe requires three ingredients and a crockpot. That’s it. And it’s delicious. All you do is take an onion, slice it, and lay it in the bottom of a crockpot....
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November 27, 2012

Marinated Pork Loin à la Ina

This is one of my favorite easy dinner recipes — Ina’s Herb Marinated Pork Tenderloin with mashed potatoes and something green on the side. The pork is so tender and flavorful, and the best part is that it’s quick and easy to prepare. Here’s what you do. Just make sure to plan far enough in...
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January 17, 2012

Sausage Kale Soup

I enjoy soups but for some reason I don’t make them often. I don’t know why this is, as they are tasty and nutritious and usually make enough for at least two meals and a few lunches besides. I think it’s all the chopping — it always seems like such a process. And it IS....
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Breakfast Recipes
March 24, 2011

Easy Weeknight Dinner Recipe: Sausage Potato Hash

A few weeks ago I posted a menu plan and asked for help for an easy weeknight dinner recipe with the sausage that I’d bought at one of the farms I frequent. Heather came to my rescue as usual and suggested a breakfast skillet with roasted potatoes. That sounded like a nice change of pace, so...
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February 8, 2011

Easy Weeknight Dinners: Sausage & Peppers

It didn’t take me long after being transplanted to Philly to discover the wonder that is Philly Sausage & Peppers. I know, it’s a travesty that I lived 23 years never having this. I’ve tried several recipes lately and I’ve finally come up with one that we love. One reason I love this meal is...
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