Fall/Winter Fashion
August 16, 2021

What Jeans are In Style For 2021?

Everyone wants to know what jeans are in style for Fall 2021, and if they're going to have to part ways with their beloved skinny jeans. Now that I've had a chance to play around with more styles, here's my take on the situation! Before we get going, allow me to make my standard disclaimer...
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Spring/Summer Fashion
February 23, 2021

Shoe Trends for Spring 2021

When I start to transition my wardrobe for spring, one of the first things I do is start switching out my shoes, so let's discuss shoe trends for spring 2021. I realize a lot of us have a few more weeks or months of transition weather to get through before we'll be wearing these styles, but hopefully sandal weather isn't too far off.
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February 22, 2021

Top Handbag Trends for Spring 2021

It's hard to believe, but 23 Days of Spring Fashion starts next Monday! Last week, I posted my annual Spring 2021 Fashion Trend Report, but I didn't really touch on shoes and handbags. I’ve had a lot of people asking what handbags are in style right now, so let’s talk about the top handbag trends for spring 2021.
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Try-On Hauls
February 20, 2021

Early Spring 2021 Try-On Haul

Happy Saturday, friends! This is my first Try-On Haul with my new blog design, and you don’t know how eagerly I was anticipating this day. I know a lot of you read on mobile devices, but there are a few glitches we are working on, so for now, viewing my blog on a computer will be easiest.
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February 16, 2021

Spring Fashion Trends: What’s In and What’s Out for 2021

Well, friends. It’s here! The much-anticipated spring fashion trends post! This is probably my most requested post every year. Everyone wants to know what styles will be trending this season, and which ones are on their way out.
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