Give Me Your Best Black Friday Shopping Tips!

I have never once, that I can recollect, gone shopping on Black Friday.

I used to WORK on Black Friday, back in college when I spent my school holidays working at Vicky’s Secret. That pretty much cured me of any desire to go shopping on the craziest shopping day of the year.


As a Target Inner Circle member, I was just issued a challenge that I cannot refuse — a Black Friday Scavenger Hunt.

We are being commissioned to visit our local Target stores and take photos of the deals we find. We’ll be sharing our favorite gift ideas on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook using #TargetBlackFriday and #TargetInnerCircle so make sure to follow along!

We earn points for each picture we share, and the Inner Circle member with the most points wins a Target GiftCard. I don’t really expect to win. As a Black Friday newbie, I am more likely to end up in a corner sucking my thumb, but I’m gonna give it the good college try.

We will also each have a gift card to shop with on Friday so I’m hoping to find some great deals on Christmas gifts. I’m eager to see if these Black Friday deals are all they’re cracked up to be.

Target is actually opening at 9PM on Thanksgiving Day to give their shoppers a head start on Black Friday savings, but I’ll be going bright and early Friday morning because I’m a grannie, and I hope to be in bed with visions of sugar plums dancing in my head by 9PM on Thanksgiving night.

Yesterday my Black Friday Shopping Survival Kit arrived in the mail.

So I’m all set to go! I’m so excited that a few good friends have agreed to meet me there and hold my hand because otherwise I would be verrrry scayared.

Now I need your best tips! You Black Friday shoppers out there . . . what do I need to know? DISH!!!!!

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  1. Make a list and STICK TO IT! It’s easy to get suckered in to all the great deals, especially when everyone else is racing to get them. That’s how you end up with a $3 mini crock pot that’s been sitting in your cabinet for four years and never used. It was a great price, and everyone else was frantically grabbing them up, so that must mean I needed one too! It’s not a great deal if it’s something you don’t need.

    1. See, I’m totally the opposite. I’ll make a list of what I really want to buy, but if I see something that looks good, I’ll buy it too. Then, after I get home and go over all the purchases and everything else, I’ll return what I don’t want or changed my mind about. I’d rather take the time to return things, than to wish I’d bought it, and end up buying it at a higher price later.

      But no matter what, just have fun!! I love Black Friday shopping!

  2. Oh yeah, and since you’ll be going once the store is already open, don’t wear a coat. It may be cold outside, but it is hot as blazes inside!

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