Tea and Popovers and Jam, Oh My!

I shamelessly stole that idea for a title from my aunt, Midlife Mom.  I have so many pictures I want to post from today, but with our snail-paced Internet connection, I don’t know how many I can upload.  Let’s start with this. 

R with her popover at the Jordan Pond House

After dining stuffing our faces full of lobster stew and popovers, we decided to work off the calories with some light hiking.  We climbed out on the rocky cliffs overlooking the ocean.  I lost about 10 years off my life while watching Hub and D climb out onto the edge for a better look.  I did manage to snap a few pictures amidst my warnings and dire predictions of death and bodily injury.

Overlooking the Ocean

Then we walked down to Hunters Beach.  As I was traipsing through the woods, I suddenly smelled the unmistakable smell of Christmas.  I looked up and realized I was walking through a grove of evergreens.  I turned around and snapped this photo of Hub following along behind me.

Hiking down to Hunters Beach

Tromping on the rocks.

That’s my brother and his fiancé with me, Hub, and D.