Ten Years Ago

Yesterday Chris wrote a post entitled "Ten Years Ago" where she remembers life with three kids in diapers.  Or, maybe "recounts" might be a more accurate word choice, as she admits those days were more of a blur than anything else.

Ten years ago, Husband I were still footloose and fancy-free, living the unfettered life of DINKS (double income, no kids).  Our world revolved around our jobs, our friends, and the endless supply of date nights that we never knew would one day become such a valuable commodity.  The term "father" belonged to older men with potbellies and balding heads who had the responsibilities of families and home ownership, and Father’s Day was about celebrating our dads.   

Eight years ago, we were anticipating our first child, and Father’s Day was the same as all the others before it.  I had no idea what taking on fatherhood was about to
do for our fledgling marriage and how much it would enrich my love and appreciation for my husband.

Seven years ago, Father’s Day became a day for us to celebrate within our immediate family.  The word "father" finally belonged to my very own husband.  And "daddy" had become one of the most romantic words I know.  Because there is something about a husband becoming a father, loving and caring for his own children, that brings a whole new dimension to the marriage relationship.

Four years ago, Father’s Day was once again a milestone in our family history book, as there were two children to call my husband Father, and a Daddy’s girl was in the making.  And if I thought seeing my husband with his son was heart-wrenching, I didn’t know nuttin’ till I saw him with his little girl.

Three years ago, I took this picture in front of our house on Father’s Day.

One year ago, we celebrated Father’s Day with a third and probably final addition to our family.  The DINKS had become a family of five.

I have had the privilege of watching these precious relationships
develop over the past seven-and-a-half years.  The large, capable hands that tenderly cradled a fragile newborn baby boy are the ones throwing baseballs to the growing boy in the backyard.  The man who can troubleshoot a computer glitch and frame out a basement is the same one who lovingly rocks his babies to sleep and playfully wrestles his kids to the family room floor.

With each new stage of parenthood and with each addition to our family, I gain new appreciation for this man who wears so many
hats — Husband, Computer Geek Engineer, Church Elder, Die-hard Phillies Fan (because there is no other kind!), Handy Man, and most treasured of all, Father.

Happy Father’s Day, Hon!  We love you.

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  1. I’m glad you found me, too! I just found you after I moved to WordPress. Here’s looking to vodka, pinot grigio, pajama bottoms and husbands as great dads! My husband is also a Computer Geek/Genius Engineer and a great dad and husband!

  2. You have the most GORGEOUS family. That last picture should be on the cover of parenting magazine!!! The transformations from DINKS to harried parents is quite interesting, but oh so worth it, huh?

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