I’ve mentioned several times about my new blogging buddy Carolyn and the collection of award buttons I’ve made for her.  Well, for the first time, she sent one back.

No, no, I don’t mean she didn’t like it.  I mean I WON IT!  She thought I needed some encouragement, what with the pottytraining marathon of the last week.

So, thanks, Carolyn!  Although I’m not celebrating JUST yet.  We continue to do well with #1, but #2 landed in the pants once again today.  GRRRRRRRR…  I was watching her like a hawk all morning, and I knew she was having feelings of impending doom.  We kept going to the potty and sitting, but nothing.

Then I took a moment to check emails, and unbeknownest to me, she snuck around the corner and did her deed in secret.  I was pretty bummed.  I was hoping we’d catch it.  Woah, look a that, two puns in a row.  I’m on a roll.

So yeah, that’s the latest.  In case you were on the edge of your seat waiting for the latest update.

Hey, check out Chic Critique.  Today Heather from Not a DIY Life is guest posting about an affordable product for curly hair that works.  And yesterday I was yacking about my newest makeup find — a luminous translucent powder by Makeup Forever.