The Big Announcement

**UPDATE**  The link is fixed.  Sorry about that!!!  Carry on.

Okay, so that is possibly my most UN-creative blog post title ever.  But hey, when the news is great, who needs a catchy title?

I’ve been working on this project.  I may have mentioned it once or twice.  I have actually been eating, sleeping, breathing this project.  Just ask my husband and the 4 or 5 friends I’ve let in on my little brainchild.  And my partner in crime, oh she may rue the day she ever said, "Sure, sounds like fun!" when I proposed my little idea.  And then there is the poor unsuspecting designer who I contacted in a fit of inspiration one night, before I had ironed out any of the details.

All of the above are victims of my intensely obsessive personality.  Please say a prayer for them.

See, this is how it happened.  I found myself applying to be a contributor on two beauty blogs.  And I needed a sample of my work, so I wrote up this little review on my fabulous find, Dr. Brandt’s Pores No More.

And then I got such a good response to that post that it occurred to me, Why am I applying to work on someone else’s beauty blog?  I could do this!  Wouldn’t it be fun to have a whole blog dedicated to gabbing about beauty products??

I know, I know, beauty blogs are a dime a dozen.  But we could be entertaining AND informative!  And then I thought, I need a partner.  Who loves entertaining the masses and trying out beauty products? 

And before I knew it, I zapped out an email to my buddy June, who took exactly two seconds to zap me back with an affirmative.

Before I knew it, I had a new blog and was brainstorming titles and taglines and design ideas — details which consumed me and everyone within ten yards of my presence for the following week. 

My brilliant designer Jules was on a designing hiatus, so I contacted one of my faithful readers, Nap Warden, at NW Designs to see about putting together a header for the new blog.

And I am here to tell you that Nap Warden, despite her formidable name, is the most delightful, patient, fun lady I have had the pleasure of working with.  She helped me brainstorm a title and tagline and graciously put up with my ten zillion trillion questions.

Okay, I jest.  Because it was really more like 25 zillion trillion questions.

And then she tweaked, altered, and fine-tuned until my OCD was thoroughly appeased.

I suppose you want to see the final result.  Twist my arm.  Really, twist it hard.  Because you know I’m not DYING TO SHOW YOU ALREADY!!!

*drum roll pleeeease*

Allow me to introduce you to Chic Critique — Beauty Product Reviews for the Modern Woman!

By the way, chic and critique RHYME.  A chick is a baby chicken, thankyouverymuch.