The Bs Have It!

By a landslide.

If you’re reading from a feed reader, click on over and take a peek at the new, Bee-ooo-ti-ful Musings!

And you also should check out Reviewsings because I’m giving away a really cute book called Practically Posh.  So far, there are NO takers.  What’s UP with that?

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  1. I love the new blog look! The colors are so summer like! 🙂 Job well done. I keep pondering a new look for the ole blog but money is tight and so I guess it’ll have to stay for awhile. LOL

    BTW on the potty training…..what worked for me was to devote 2 full days of nothing but potty training. I sat in the room with my blessed angel and kept filling her up with drinks and more drinks and even more drinks. Then kept saying that we aren’t ‘allowed to pee on Barbie’ (she picked out her own panties, not undies but panties) and that did the trick. LOL For my son, it was just a matter of throwing some cheerios into the toilet and telling him to aim! ROFL Good luck!

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