The Day Didn’t Really Get Much Better

After dropping my kids at my friend’s house for babysitting and driving 30 minutes towards what I thought was my destination, I realized I had taken the wrong road and had to backtrack.  Which made me late for my appointment, so I had to wait for another client to go first.

I made good use of the time by walking down the street for a latte and biscotti. 

By the time my hair was done, it was pouring rain.  Joy.  I picked up my kids, and we made our way to Target, where we grabbed lunch and made a few returns and exchanges. 

While I was at the return counter, the baby walked away, and another patron found her standing near the exit door looking for me.  I don’t know if I’ve ever felt quite so low.  I plunked her in the cart for safe keeping and promised myself and God that I would be more careful from now on.

Back at home I tried to catch up on computer stuff while my kids bickered and nagged, and then I took advantage of my husband’s early arrival to grab a quick mani/pedi.  That was by far the highlight of my day.

I ran back home in plenty of time to get my son to his friend’s 6:30 birthday party, except that the party was at 6:00.  D’oh.  He tried to be gracious when I told him that I was doing my best, but I know he was disappointed.

After fighting rush hour traffic and two wrong turns (are you sensing a pattern here?), I dropped him off and then ran to the mall to pick up a present for the bride-to-be and do a couple other errands. 

Now it’s 9PM and I’m still not packed.  Which means I really need to get off the computer.

I plan to check in from Nashville, and I’m sure I’ll have oodles of pictures. 

Today is my dad’s birthday.  Happy Birthday, Daddy!