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Many of you have asked what I decided to do about The Dress. I was still unsure so I took my question to an expert — Shari Braendel, who I met at the She Speaks conference last summer. She gave me a color analysis when I was there, so I knew that she would have an opinion on this taupe color for me. This is what she said. I asked her permission to reprint her response.

You are a Clear.. which means bright colors and high contrast color combinations work best for you. Soooo, in saying this, the dress is gorgeous but to make it work you will need to add bright or deep BOLD accessories… long beads, scarf at neck, etc. Red or Black would be my suggestions to add with it… and yes, the black tights and boots would be great! love ya, Shari

So, given that bit of info, I had pretty much decided to get the dress, but I kept forgetting to order it.  Then I got online this morning and found an email from Banana Republic in my inbox saying there are a bunch of new reductions, and The Dress is on sale!  I wasted no time snatching it up since several sizes are already sold out.

Now I just have to find a chunky black necklace of some sort, and I’m all set!  WOOT!!

Thanks, Shari!

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  1. Wooo-hooo! I’m glad you went for it. AND got it on sale no less!!! You know, I do believe you should model for a pic of you all dressed up in it when you get it….just a thought.

  2. I met Shari last month when she did a “What not to Wear” conference at our church. She is a HOOT! We loved her!

    I am a clear as well and I’m glad to learn that the oatmeal color can work as long as you accessorize properly. I was afraid it was gone for good!

  3. How fun that you had a color analysis done! I’ve always wanted to try that! AND I’m so happy that you bought the dress – I can’t wait to see photos.

  4. I am a clear, too! I did get rid of a lot of muddy brown colors (consigned them) that I could not accessorize with brighter colors and have really tried to get some color into my wardrobe. I was wearing a lot of brown and apparently should not have been!

    I love Shari – she is truly a warm and sweet person.

    Did she by chance tell her story in the breakout you were in? Amazing.

    Love the dress.

  5. Foxy! Fabulous!

    I tend to go with solids (as much as I love my pinks and greens I heart black for dresses) and lately am all about chunky layered necklaces. I got a great black dress from BR earlier this fall and love pairing it with black knit tights, ankle boots, and then a couple of layered necklaces. Looked totally fab.

    One great place to get accessories super cheap is Forever 21. Like, necklaces for $4.80 for cryin’ out loud! It’s fun to stock up there and be able to mix and match.

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