The Eyes Have It!

I’ve been reading Carmindy’s latest book, get positively beautiful (stay tuned for a giveaway at the end of the month!)  She takes each facial feature and spends a chapter explaining how to maximize your assets using her makeup techniques.

I was particularly intrigued by her chapter on eyes.  According to
Carmindy, "opposites attract".  She advises using shadows, liners, and
mascaras that contrast with your eye color to make them pop, but she’s
careful to point out that there are no hard and fast rules so
experimentation is key.

I have brown eyes, and for as long as I can remember, I have been
wearing brown eyeliner and shadows.  But Carmindy suggests BLUE! 

Now, I don’t know about you, but the mention of blue eye makeup
brings back flashbacks of high school.  I attended high school in the
eighties, when the only thing bolder than the blue eye shadow was the
wave of mile-high bangs plastered with Aqua Net.  So at first I was
all, HUNH-UNH.  No WAY!

But then I read on.  To keep it modern, Carmindy advises using
neutral shadows with blue eyeliner.  She also suggests trying shades of
forest and emerald green.  I was intrigued.

So I hopped in my car and stopped into my faithful Sephora store where I picked up an eyeliner by Make Up for Ever in Iridescent Navy Blue.

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