The Only One

I had the pleasure of meeting Darcie on my Disney trip last spring.  I actually discovered her blog a couple weeks before we left, and I liked her instantly.  I wasn’t disappointed when we met in person.  We hit it off immediately and she’s still one of my favorite blogs to read — quality writing infused with humor and transparency — right up my alley!  Please make her feel welcome.

There are times when it’s good to be the only

Like on Black Friday, when your kids would give a kidney for
a Wii and you are the only one lined up outside Best Buy at 5 am.

Or when you’re the only one with all the matching
Powerball numbers.  The only one to get called back for a second
interview.  The only one your two-year-old reaches for when he wakes up
groggy-eyed and wants to be cuddled.

All good times to be the only one, don’t ya think?

And then there are other times when it’s absolutely
dreadful to be the only one.

The only one to show up to a baby shower.  The only one
to wear jeans to what you thought was a casual gathering.  The only one to
forget your mom’s birthday.

Not. Good.

There have been times in my life when something really
embarrassing or just plain bad has happened to me and the only thought that
brings me any solace at all is that surely, I am not the only one this has
happened to.  Surely someone else has gone before me, and lived through to
see the light.  And maybe it’s the competitive nature in me (or
something else entirely) but the thought that someone else can endure the same
trials and tribulations I am, and can come out a better person for having
trudged through, well, it encourages me.

So I’m hoping that y’all will help me out
here.  Because there are things I deal with on a day to day basis that
often times leave me scratching my head contemplating how I went from a
somewhat hip young chick to a 30-ish mom of four whose greatest
aspirations on any given day include making it to noon without having to fish a
spoon, or Hot Wheels car, or board book from the toilet.

I’m not alone in that am I?  Because, you know,
misery loves company and all.

Anyway, I’ve compiled a little list of some of the
things that I pray at least one or two of you can relate to.

So, please, for the love of all things sane, tell me
I’m not the only one…

– who views a trip to the grocery store (or the bathroom for
that matter) as “me” time.
– who will order a Diet Coke and salad with low fat dressing on the side, all
so that I have a few calories to spare for the white chocolate raspberry
cheesecake I saw on the dessert menu.
– who finds dried up boogers on the walls and sheets in my child’s (I
won’t say which one) bedroom.
– who tries and tries but can’t jog a full mile without cheating and
walking at least a little bit of it.
– who has learned to appreciate the view through a window full of handprints.
– who has a friend that I dread calling back because I know I’ll be on
the phone for two hours.
– who has never even considered downloading some fancy ring tone for my cell
– who considers JoJo the Clown and Handy Manny fashion forward.
– who is on a first name basis with the poison control operator.
– who doesn’t text.
– who trusts that Matt and Meredith will tell me all the news I need to know.
– who still reads actual books, as opposed to listening to them.
– who is intimidated enough by my kids’ teachers that I insist on calling
them Mrs. ___________.
– who isn’t ashamed to admit that, yes, the TV has served as a babysitter
from time to time.
– who, in spite of the nitty and the gritty of the daily occurrences, gives
thanks daily for every last moment of it.

Darcie blogs at Such the Spot.