The Other Boleyn Girl

I hardly ever write movie reviews, and there’s a very good reason for that.  I hardly ever see movies.  I don’t know when this happened because I used to see LOTS of movies.  I think my DVR is partially to blame.  Now that I don’t see commercials, I don’t even know what movies are out in the movie theaters.  And we have all we can do to keep up with the TV shows that we watch, so we rarely resort to Blockbuster for our nightly entertainment.  All that to say, I rarely see a movie.

But somehow I found out about The Other Boleyn Girl, and I had to see it because a few years ago, one of my friends told me about the book and loaned it to me, and I read it and loved it.  In fact, I became so enamored with the life and wives and children of Henry VIII that I went on to read a bunch of other books of that genre.  I enjoyed them all, but none compared in character development to The Other Boleyn Girl.  I love that book.  So when I heard that it was being made into a movie, I knew I had to see it.

I may have mentioned that my family has been sick for, like, EVER.  So last night I had had enough togetherness, and I called out an SOS to a friend and we went to see The Other Boleyn Girl.  First, I should warn you that this movie, although rated PG13, is not a movie I would want my 13-year-old child to see.

Suffice it to say, this movie is NOT for the faint of heart.  It’s also not the movie to go see if you’re in the mood for a sappy, feel-good romance.  If you know anything of the story of Ann Boleyn, then you already know how it ends.  According to the IMDB, the movie is rated PG13 for mature thematic elements, sexual content and some violent images.  And y’all.  There is not much else OTHER than sexual content and violent images.

However, as my friend said when we left the theater, truth is stranger than fiction, and there is a reason that is a common expression.  The tale of the Boleyn sisters is ideal movie material.  As with any movie based on an excellent book, there is so much that has to be left out in order to fit the story into the requisite 120-minute movie format, that you will probably leave the movie theater feeling as if you wanted much more.  At least, that’s how I felt, having read and loved the book.  But I can say that the movie was as true to the book as possible.  I just can’t help but feel it would be better suited to a 6-hour mini-series.

I can’t tell you much more because it will give too much away, but if you are not turned off by “sexual content and violent images”, and if you enjoy movies that are rooted in some semblance of historical truth, you may enjoy this movie.  Although given the choice, I much prefer the book.

Have you read the book?  Seen the movie?  What are your thoughts?

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  1. I’ve been trying for nearly a year to get through a book about Henry VII. It isn’t that I don’t like it, it is that I have children and the book has over 900 pages. Need I say more? I’ll definitely have to look into The Other Boleyn Girl. The book, not the movie. It’s the kid thing again. LOL!

  2. I read the book on the beach last summer and am almost afraid to see the movie because I loved the book so much.  Sigh.  I probably won’t get to see it until it’s on demand.  Did you read The Boelyn Inheritance?  Any other book suggestions?

  3. I have read the book and seen the movie. I am a huge fan of this period of history.. and I’ved done a lot of studying it.

    The Book – is AMAZING! I loved it. I couldn’t put it down.

    The movie – I thought the movie stayed true to the book, although I echo your thoughts that it would have faired much better as a 6 hour miniseries instead. I think the acting was good – I am impressed Natalie Portman could play Anne. All in all, it was alright. Definitely not something I would let anyone under 18 see. Too many adult themes.

    If you liked it – the Tudors on showtime is pretty good. It’s much more adult though. The girl who plays Anne is absolutely fantastic and I think really does a fantastic job with her role.

  4. Totally got into the Henry VIII thing because of her books. LOVED them all, but you are right, Boleyn is the best for character development. I really liked the Virgin Queen also.

    The movie wasn’t as good as the books I thought. They never are. Entertaining, but you forget until halfway through that it doesn’t end well.

  5. I also read the book a couple of years ago and LOVED it. I went on to read all of the other books by Phillipa Gregory, and also became very interested in that time period. I love historical fiction… one of my favorite authors is Sarah Dunant. Anyhow, I haven’t made it to see The Other Boylen Girl, but I really want to. I haven’t been to the movies since I had my little boy… 5 months ago! I know that I won’t enjoy it as much as the book, movies can never do books justice.

  6. I LOVED LOVED LOVED the movie. I dig that time period so very much.

    By the way ELIZABETH OF THE GOLDEN AGE is good too.

    I just am still in shock that father’s just “gave” their daugthers over to a lusty king, only in hopes of moving up the wealth ladder.

    I loved the clothing and just the customs, however, was disgusted mostly on just the things people do “In the name of God”. I liked when someone in the movie said, ” I think God has turned his back on this time”

    I AGREE!

    PLEASE for the love of God, can anyone suggest books that are similar to this movie, and time period, I need some summer reading!
    Kelly S.

  7. The book was MUCH better than the movie. I felt like they covered the beginning really well, but the seriously RUSHED the last half. That era is so fascinating though. Have you watched The Tudors at all? It’s very well cast, I think. Except Anne Boleyn is kind of fugly.

  8. Loved the book, so much that I rushed out to read any others I could find. Unfortunately, that was only two, without paying for more. I really want to see the movie, but the whole newborn thing keeps getting the way. 🙂 I want to read more about the time. Makes me very curious about how much is true and is just to spice things up.

  9. I read the book with my book club, and I absolutely loved it. We were going to try and see the movie together, but I was busy that night.

    At some point I would like to see the movie, but I am afraid that it won’t be as good.

  10. I have the book but haven’t had time to read it. I am working a lot and trying to finish Predator by Patricia Cornwell. I am a book nut. But with these two books I don’t think it’d be a great idea to read them at the same time. Although I do know details and can recite them, it’d just be hard. Thanks for the recommendation. And I am so glad you could get out.

  11. I have not read the book, but have read the history of the story. It didn’t really stick that closely to the actual history, imo.

    But it was an excellent movie. I knew it would be “hookerish” because I knew the history, like I said already. hahaha

    I would not let my kids read the actual history, not to mention see the things they did up on the big screen! *eek* Not til they are at least 16 … or maybe 23… 😉

  12. I’ve always been interested in his wives…ever since reading a book about it as a little kid. I think I’ll skip the movie and read the book.

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