The Pain, The Agony!

This week’s the week.  Potty training has commenced.  I literally ran out of diapers on Sunday, and I told the baby, diapers are all gone.  You’ve got to start using the potty.  She’s well over 2-and-a-half.  She’s smart as a whip.  And she’s got to be trained to go to school in September.  So I figured, no time like the present.

I knew it was going to be gruesome.  I detest potty training, and she has been resisting ever since we introduced the potty last fall.  She’s my third, and neither of the others were a cake walk to train, but I just had a feeling that this one was going to be a doozy.  She’s stubborn and contrary by nature, and for some reason, she doesn’t want to use the potty.

But I’m determined.  This is it.  I have to stick with it, and I know there will be a tough week or two until she gets the hang of it, but I need to see it through.

Last night we set her on the potty in front of the TV, and after about 30 minutes, we finally got a tinkle in the desired receptacle.  We cheered.  We whooped and hollered.  We rewarded with a lollipop.  And approximately 15 minutes later, she came and told us she had peed upstairs.  ALL over her bedroom carpet.  Joy.

This morning I was determined to outlast her.  I filled her up on juice and turned on the TV and sat beside her on the floor.  I could tell she needed to go, but she was afraid to or didn’t know how to or a combination of the two, most likely.

I cajoled.  I encouraged.  I begged.  I demanded.  I bribed.  I rubbed her back and her legs and her face until my arm was numb.  I wanted to give in and let her put her panties on, but I knew that if I could just outlast her, if we could get the tinkle into the potty where it belongs, we would be making a significant step in the right direction.

Finally, FINALLY, after two hours of that rigmarole (no lie), she hollered, "Mom!  I pee!"  And she proceeded to release about two gallons into that little potty while I danced and sang and whooped and hollered and cheered and jumped around the room in a display that should have frightened anyone in their right mind, but my daughter ate it up. 

She was smiling from ear to ear when she was done, and I victoriously presented her big girl panties as a reward. 

And now I get to go through the whole routine again in about 30 minutes.  Hold me.

***UPDATE***  Right as I was about to click Publish and make this post live, my daughter came into my office with wet panties.  Anyone know how to get a gallon of pee out of a COUCH?