The Project

I love all the feedback about school projects on the last post.  This morning, when it was time to go to school, my daughter insisted on carrying her project into school and handing it to her teacher herself. 

Usually she enters the classroom quiet and withdrawn, barely speaking to the teachers when they say hello to her.  It takes her a while to warm up, I guess.  But THIS morning, she walked right over to her teacher and proudly handed her the project and started explaining it to her. 

Her teacher’s eyes met mine over my daughter’s head, and I found myself saying somewhat apologetically, "She wanted to do it all by herself." 

How ridiculous is it that I felt the need to explain that it was my daughter’s desire to do it on her own, not me being lazy or negligent.  (I am both, but fortunately for me, my daughter DID want to do it herself!)

Her teacher smiled and mouthed, "Those are my favorite kinds." 

Score one for the preschool teacher!

So I left the room feeling pleased.  Pleased that the teacher recognizes and encourages the children’s independence and originality.  Pleased that my daughter took the initiative to do this project on her own and obviously felt proud of it.  And pleased that I didn’t have to get my hands dirty!