The Scary Things Under The Bed

This is Stephanie from Adventures In Babywearing guest posting for Jo-Lynne while she’s away at the beach.

and I already had a special bond online through email and blogging
before finding out we’d be attending that awesome Disney World Mom
Blogger Mixer together in April. But oh my goodness, the emails that
went flying after that- filled with fashion quandaries and queries-
forget that we were going on an all-expense paid vacation without the
kiddies. Just what were we going to wear!? It was scary. But we worked it out, as we always do. And we looked great. As we always do.

seem to multiply, maybe in the dark, late at night when I am sleeping
overhead. But in reality- most likely- are birthed out of my penchant
for Marshall’s. And Piperlime.


I am woman: I buy shoes. And lots of them. When we got our huge king
sized bed last year I loved the soft comfort on top but was wide-eyed
with the spacious new home for all my shoes (and new shoes) below. But
quickly that wide expanse became overcrowded and soon little heels and
toes were sticking out from behind the dust ruffle. I’d nudge them back
in, hoping hubby wouldn’t get a glimpse, but they’d creep right back

It wasn’t long ago that I was certain I needed a pair of red
shoes- as I had no red shoes- and every girl needs
a pair of red shoes. And it was after I ordered said red shoes that I
found not one but two pair of red shoes deep under my bed. I’d
forgotten about them one, because they were deep under the bed and two, I’d worn them maybe once, so forgot I even owned them.

is not good, I thought. I have so many shoes, I can’t even keep track.
I’m like the opposite of the old woman that lived in a shoe. What to
do, what to do. So, I figured I must get the shoes out from under the
bed. A nice shoe rack or something to better organize them and treat
them the way they should be. Off to Target I went and found this
(and I won’t tell you how many I had to buy). And believe me- I would
have loved to buy a few of the nicer looking and more expensive ones,
but since I had to buy more than one, I kept thinking about how much
I’d save if I just went with the cheaper. And how spending less money
on a shoe organizer of course allows more money for, um, shoes.

got the shoes out from under the bed. (I did have to send the toddler
into the very depths to retrieve the last few.) And now my children
shoes are where I can see them! And appreciate them! And remind myself
that I already have five pairs of black flip flops (all with a
different purpose!) and although I hadn’t remembered, two pair of
yellow open toed heels. Even though yellow is
very in right now. Never mind that. Because I don’t even have a
matching handbag for them. We won’t even talk about the monster in my
purse closet. Yeah, totally not going there.

the bed and the emptiness underneath? It whispers at night now. I can
almost hear the growl of its stomach longing for that cute pair of
wedges I just saw on sale. So much room under there. What’s one more

Stephanie Precourt, Adventures In Babywearing