The Summer Routine

Well, the summer is off to a rollicking-good start!  We are all settling into our new routine with minimal trauma. 

My 7-y/o son has realized that his video games will be here when he wakes up at eight just as they are when he wakes at seven.  But I’m still holding out for nine.  There’s always next week! 

The girls, now, they are perfectly happy to snooze until nine.  Which is one of many reasons why Chicks Rule!

I am happy because my newly discovered inner early bird can still have its cake and eat it too.  (Is that what they call "mixing metaphors"??)  I am still getting up at 5:30 AM to grab some sustenance before my walking partner arrives to crack the whip over my weary back at six.  We are up to three miles, and we are walking four times a week.  YAY US!

It is getting harder and harder to put my feet on the floor when that alarm goes off, but I can already feel the benefits of regular exercise, and I know we are going to stick to it, at least until daylight savings time ends and we need earmuffs and parkas.  At that point, all bets are off!

When I get back from our morning torture walk, I do some belly flab busters while the coffee brews, and then I hunker down on the couch with my delightfully simple white mug of coffee and my oh-so-cute little pink Bible to spend a few moments in communion with the Lord.  I am reading through Romans.

Which leads me to my next tangent.  I was inspired last week by this post over at Clemntine’s What’s Up Buttercup? to get back into the Word.  I was beginning to feel dissatisfied with the book of prayers that I was using, and I realized that was because some days the assigned prayer was just not working for me.  But the Bible, it always works for me.  I guess that’s because it’s supposed to work that way, huh?  It inspires me to much deeper and more meaningful prayers, and I’m really seeing the value of going straight to the Word for inspiration and instruction.

As for the rest of my day, I am trying to develop some habits so that the household runs smoothly.  Things like cleaning the house up before we leave to go anywhere and assigning some simple chores to the kids.  Nothing earth-shattering or original.  Just stuff I’m usually too lazy to enforce. 

I am trying to make the most of R’s naptimes to play games with D, even though it’s tempting to do housework blog, but she is such a menace to society these days that we can only play games when she’s not around. 

I’ve set up some "ground rules" regarding the video games, and so far that’s working well.  I’ve learned that parenting D is all about managing his expectations.  He is allowed to earn 30 minutes of video game playing time each weekday by reading chapter books or helping me around the house.  Then he gets an hour free on Saturday mornings.

I, on the other hand, am suffering from Severe TV Deprivation Syndrome.  With my early mornings and the kids’ late nights, my TV nights are a thing of the past, which is a shame since we just got our very first flat screen TV with "high def".  I’m not entirely sure what "high def" is all about.  All I know is, it’s very exciting to the Husband.  As for me, I’m just all wow, what a great picture, I didn’t know you were actually supposed to be able to make out people’s facial expressions on the TV screen!  Anyway, the TV is compliments of my dad.  Our old TV was really pathetic, and between you and me, I think he was sick of having to watch it when he comes to visit.  Seriously, though, it was a very generous gift, thanks dad!

Well, you should know that I jinxed myself.  I started this post last night, and I knew I was tempting the fates to declare that the kids have been sleeping till 8AM.  Two tousled bedheads have just joined me in the family room, and it’s only 7:15.  ARGH.  I guess I need to get off my duff and get some breakfast going. 

And, oh no, is that a baby voice I hear?  Please tell me my monitor is picking up the house next door.  I’m afraid my glorious early morning peace and quiet has just been hijacked by three little hooligans.  I’m off to be a mom.  Have a great day!