The Twitter Bandwagon — I’m Jumping On

Well, another one bites the dust.  I avoided it as long as I could.  But I’m nothing if not a follower.  So here I am, in all my glory.  https://twitter.com/dcrmom

I also put a link on my left sidebar, for the two of you who actually might care what I’m doing throughout the day.

* * *

While I’m here, allow me to make a few announcements.

1) You’ve probably seen this post already, but if not, you MUST read it.  Beth addresses commenting on blogs.  I must confess, I often read and don’t comment.  But I also know how much each and every comment means to me.  So I am vowing to do better.  And just so you know, I read EVERY. SINGLE. comment.  And I love them all.  Y’all RAWK!

I can’t believe I just wrote RAWK.

2) Visit my good friend at forty b4 forty and enter her giveaway for a Starbucks gift card.  She’s celebrating her one-month bloggiversary today!

3) Today is the last day for the Sephora book giveaway at Chic Critique.

4) In case you missed it, scroll down for my Georgie Designs jewelry giveaway.  I’ll announce a winner on Thursday.

And stay tuned.  The free stuff just keeps on coming!

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  1. Geez, I only got my Gmail account last month!

    I’ve heard of twitter, although not popular with my friends, I may just have to kill two birds with one stone and sign up to Twitter now.

    Perhaps I will be the early adopter on this one…..


  2. I just signed up to twitter last week. Not sure why just yet! Have only twittered (is that the correct term?, or twitted?!!) twice so far. Not sure any one would be interested, and wary in a stalkerish kind of a way, if know what I mean?

  3. Twitter is the hot blog topic of the week I think. Perhaps I will give it a spin. Although I need less reasons to be on the computer, not more. If was on Twitter, what I would be saying right now is that I’m going to take the kids and get some fast food for lunch and not feel guilty b/c at least they will all be strapped in one place and a Mom can get a moment’s peace. So, yeah, that’s what I’m doing.

  4. I also read Beth’s post. I am quite guilty of being a Google Reader person and not going to comment as much as I did pre-Google Reader. I am trying to change it up some. While here – thanks so much for the fun American Idol commentary 🙂

    Welcome to the wonderful and wacky world of Twitter. My husband told me I was crazy to want to have Twitter. Then he signed up for updates on webmaster related items – so I followed along.

    Happy Tweeting!

  5. I am such an idiot, I keep forgetting I have twitter! LOL

    How do you put the thingie on your sidebar??? I may remember about it, if I see it on my blog!

    The word RAWK… RAWKS!!!

  6. Ok, I don’t understand the concept of Twitter. I feel like technology is passing me by and I am only 32. On another note, I feel like you and I are living in a simultaneous universe. Every time (in the last week) that you post, it sounds too strangely familiar. It started with the boundaries with kids post. I struggle with feeling like the tv babysits my kids too often. Even my 21 mo. old loves Elmo and The Wiggles, and if I would let him, he would watch it all day. I can’t really blame them though, because if I, myself, struggle to be productive lately. I keep waiting for life to get easier, but it aint gettin easier. Then I saw your coffee carafe broken on the floor. I know how important coffee is to you and any other sane woman out there. My coffee maker’s on/off switch broke today. My dh wants me to get a Keurig single cup maker, but I like the old fashioned kind. Can’t wait to read what is happening with us…I mean you, tomorrow.

  7. I read the post about comments and I have to admit it kinda surprised me. I’m fairly new to this blogging thing. I started my own personal blog/journal about a year ago, but just recently got into reading others blogs. You would definitely label me a “lurker” since I rarely leave comments, however, in my defense it never occured to me that anyone really cared until I read the analogy about giving a presentation to 40 people and them walking away with no response. Wow, I will be commenting a lot more. Thanks for the heads up!

  8. Girl. Not twitter. Oh my. You know this means I’ll have to do it, too. Well, I did open a twitter account about 2 months ago, but posted only 3 times. *sigh* Let me know how time consuming/addicting/worth it it is…

  9. I talked about you to the mums at school today. About this cool lady who writes funny and inspiring and fun-to-read blogs. Yours is the first blog i have email-subscribed to and Im looking forward to getting your posts straight to my inbox! I just thought Id let you know since I have been lurking for so long 😉

  10. Awww, you’ve got more than 2 followers on Twitter! I followed you (I’m jb108 on Twitter) – I think you did a great job with Sarah’s blog header so I’m sure you’ve got good stuff to tweet. 🙂

    I’m mainly using Twitter to keep myself accountable to my health and fitness goals but I also tweet about blogging, techy stuff, interesting posts (well, I think they’re interesting, lol), positive thinking, law of attraction, positive things in general – it always helps to keep my mind focused on the good in life. 🙂

    Have fun with it!

  11. I’m still resisting the call of the Twitter. I neglect my housework enough as it is!

    I read Beth’s post too. I’m trying to do a better job at commenting when I visit!

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