The Uninvited Houseguest by Jo-Lynne Shane

The Uninvited Houseguest

A few months ago I shared that I was writing a children’s story  for the NPMA. I turned in my first draft back in May, and after a few edits it was considered final. I’ve been waiting anxiously ever since for the illustrator, Colleen Madden, to bring my story to life.

A few weeks ago, I got an email from the NPMA, telling me it was all done, and I am not exaggerating when I tell you that I literally squealed with delight and clapped my hands when I saw it. Words cannot quite describe the thrill of seeing my story brought to life in illustration.

The Uninvited Houseguest features the adventures of 9-year-old Nate as he and his family discover they have a mouse in the house. Writing a children’s book was never on my radar, but when the NPMA reached out to me about this project, I thought it sounded like too much fun to pass up. I enjoyed taking the character Millie, so lovingly created by my friend Susan Carraretto, and giving her a friend to help her solve her pest mysteries. We actually HAD a mouse in our house once, so having that personal experience made this story even more fun to create.

The purpose of this eBook series is to teach children about the world of entomology and biology and how to keep our homes safe from the property and health risks posed by household pests. I hope I managed to do that in an entertaining way. You’ll have to read it and tell me what you think!

Today The Uninvited Houseguest is LIVE and for sale!!!!! Want a sneak peek??

The Uninvited Houseguest Page 3

Does the dog in the illustration bear a striking resemblance to my own little pooch?? I absolutely love it.

SO SO SO excited!

It’s only available in eBook format, and but it looks super awesome on a tablet!!! You can purchase for 99 cents via Amazon Kindle Store and Barnes & Noble Nook Book Store, and it’s free on iTunes!! (If you have an iPad, it formats better viewed on iBooks. It didn’t work so well on my Kindle app for iPad. You can download the story via iTunes and then put the iBooks app on your iPad if you don’t have it already.) I hope you’ll grab yourself a copy and share it with your kids.

disclosure: I was compensated by the NPMA for authoring this eBook. I choose to share because I’m too excited NOT to!!!!!

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