The Winner and an Arm Update

And the clever titles just keep on coming.

So we got 200 comments on the Julian & Co. giveaway!  Wow, y’all sure do come out of the woodwork for a jewelry giveaway.  Of course there can only be one winner, but when you have an occasion to pamper yourself or someone else, you know where to go for gorgeous silver personalized jewelry.

The winner for this giveaway is Kari of Kari’s Ramblings.  Kari, you will be receiving an email from me shortly.  Congratulations!!

And thank you to Julian & Co. for sponsoring this giveaway.

In other news — the arm.  It seems that I almost definitely have tendinitis of the elbow.  Which may require cortisone injections.  (Do you recall how deathly afraid of needles I am?  I’d rather birth a baby in the car on the way to the hospital in the middle of a snowstorm than endure an injection of any sort.)  I’m hoping it doesn’t come to that.  For now we will try an anti-inflammatory and better posture.  Thus, my new chair.

And it gets better.  Oh yes it does.  We’re not done yet.  It’s two for the price of one!  I might also have carpal tunnel, so I got a referral for an EMG.  Which basically sounds like a method of Japanese torture.  It also involves needles, the thought of which makes me want to crawl under my desk and suck my thumb.

I did pick up a wrist brace at Target this morning, as many of you suggested, and I haven’t been on the computer much at all today.  I am thankful for a holiday weekend so I can take it slow.  I can already hear you jeering at the mention of me taking it slow.

Perhaps with all my time away from the computer, I can shop for a lamp to replace that dilapidated thing you see in the above picture.  It is the only source of light in my office, and it’s clearly on its last leg. 

Meanwhile, I hear it’s time for Driveway Happy Hour down the street, so I’m off.  (I just love my neighborhood.)

Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend!  And while you feast on burgers and dogs fresh off the grill and set those miniature American flags in your flower planters, say a prayer for the troops overseas whose families are missing them this weekend.