Things I Love Right Now

I think it’s time for another one of these posts.  March is my least favorite month of the year.  I am SO ready for spring and spring is still SO far away.  At least when you live in the frigid tundra of Pennsylvania.  So I’m going to force myself to come up with a list of things to be happy about.

1) Cadbury Mini Eggs

2) Lippmann Collection Nail Color, Dark Side Of The Moon

3) It’s going up to 58 degrees today!

4) Fur-lined clogs for when it goes back down to negative 20, which it is sure to do.

5) Adobe Illustrator

6) Post-it Flags and Highlighter Pens

7) American Idol

8) Shiseido Elixir Treatment Mask – reviewed today at Chic Critique.  (Sorry, couldn’t resist!)