Things That Make Me Smile

Taking my clue from Shalee.  If you read her post, then you might recognize some of these.

  1. Knowing that the price for all of my sins has been paid in full.
  2. And that no matter how often I fail, God still loves me because I am clothed in the righteousness of Christ.
  3. Knowing that Husband loves me, warts and all.  (Don’t worry.  I don’t really have warts.  Well, not the literal kind, anyway.  I have plenty of figurative ones, though!)
  4. A large mug of really good coffee, with the perfect proportions of cream and sugar.
  5. A chocolate chip scone with that mug of really good coffee.
  6. A day with no tummy troubles.
  7. Sitting on my front porch while the sun goes down in the early evening with a drink, preferably of the "adult" variety, watching my kids play happily in the front yard.
  8. The sound of my children’s laughter.
  9. When a blog post comes together the way I want it to.
  10. Clicking "mark all read" on my Bloglines and walking away!
  11. Dark chocolate.
  12. Snuggling with R.
  13. Snuggling with C.
  14. Snuggling with D.
  15. That D still likes to snuggle.
  16. Rocking R to sleep in my arms and then holding her while she sleeps, trying to memorize every plane of her precious baby face.
  17. Carrying on a conversation with C and answering "why?" eleventy-trillion times a day.
  18. Bantering back and forth with D, now that he can converse on an adult level.
  19. Beating D at Othello (not an easy feat, I’m tellin’ ya!)
  20. A night out with my girlfriends.
  21. Steel Magnolias (the movie).
  22. A new pair of styliin’ shoes.
  23. Sparkly jewelry.
  24. A clean kitchen.
  25. A clean bathroom.
  26. Okay, make that a clean house.
  27. And a clean car, while we’re at it.
  28. Parking my car in the garage on a rainy day.
  29. A thunderstorm on a muggy summer afternoon.
  30. Spending time with the Lord in the quiet light of the early morning.
  31. Discovering a new nugget of wisdom in my Bible reading that I didn’t see before.
  32. A glass of good red wine.
  33. A fresh manicure.
  34. A glass of cool ice water after my morning power walk.
  35. That Husband brings me flowers for no reason.
  36. Looking forward to a date night, rare though they may be.
  37. Fitting into clothes that were too tight last week.  (This hasn’t happened recently, but I’m holding onto a thread of hope.)
  38. High heels with jeans.
  39. Pretty stationary.
  40. Shopping without kids.
  41. "Deadheading" petunias.  What can I say, it appeals to my OCD.
  42. Watching R imitate her big sister.
  43. When C says "Gwammie".
  44. Watching D crush a baseball three yards over.
  45. That R looks like a blond/blue-eyed version of my husband.
  46. That C is so much like me in every little way.
  47. Singing along to He Reigns at the top of my lungs when I’m alone in the car.
  48. Sunday afternoon naps.
  49. Flip-flops.
  50. Summer days.

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18 Responses

  1. #37 cracks me up. And I deadhead my petunias with a vengeance so I totally get it – it’s very satisfying. I have TWELVE big planters full of petunias so I spend a lot of time deadheading but my OCD self actually enjoys it. 🙂

  2. Wow! I loved reading this list. Except, I think Dark Chocolate would make it higher up on my list than 11! More like 2. Next to Jesus and before my husband. LOL, kidding, of course. Most of the time. 🙂

  3. I love deadheading my petunias… and it is hilarious when my neighbor ( an even more determined deadheader!!) stops by to chat. The two of us stand there frantically (without being aware), snipping off those old dead blossoms while talking away, until the plant is a naked green stick!
    Had to laugh when you included it on your list ’cause I am so with you on that! (Oh my – and I just noticed Barb said the same thing… it really is so satisfying!)

  4. Love your list. It was inspiration to create my own. Thanks for sharing! If this comment works, it’ll be the 3rd time I’ve tried today!

  5. Oh, now this is the kind of inspiration that you hope is really catching… I think something good may have been started here!

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