Things You’d Rather Not Think About

The guy bagging my groceries this morning was quite a talkative chap.  When he loaded my ham hocks into the grocery bag, he proclaimed loudly, "Are these pigs’ noses?"

Mmm’kay.  I don’t THINK so, but I really don’t want to think about what part of the pig they might be.

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  1. Oh funny! There is a young bagger at our store that is ALWAYS there when I go, and he is way too talkative! He’ll say everything he bags and often give his approval if he likes it. And once he proclaimed loudly “prune juice!” as he bagged it. Thanks…


  2. I use ham hocks all the time in soups and I just realized I have no idea where they come from. They really aren’t the nose, right?

  3. Hey you!!
    just checking in and noticed you’ve started using your name!!! It’s very cute!!!!! The name and the font…. 🙂

  4. Hi,
    Don’t you love those ‘duh’ moments. I work at as a bamk teller and I had a customer who came in and seriously ask me if I thought we had enough money to cash his check. I thought it was a huge check and took a look. It was a check for 75.00. DUH…
    I enjoy your blog, thanks alot!

  5. You should have asked him why?
    Or responded that they were and asked for a favourite recipe… who knows what you missed out on!

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