This is how dedicated we are…

to socializing.

My friend and I are still trying to walk in the mornings.  I have purchased the highly recommended Cuddle Duds, as well as a neck thingy and earmuffs.  It ain’t purty, but it’s warm.  Our rule is, as long as it isn’t precipitating, we walk.

Well.  This morning I woke up at the butt-crack-o’-dawn and looked outside.  There was no rain or ice or snow falling from the sky so I made my coffee, checked a few emails, then bundled up and opened the front door to greet the mornin’. 

And proceeded to gracefully slippety-slide my way down the sheet of ice which was my driveway.  Okay, so it wasn’t that graceful.  It’s called "black ice" for a reason, yall.

My friend got out of her car and discovered that the street was in the same condition as my driveway.  Now, at this point, most sensible people would have decided to forego the walk due to the icy conditions.

But we are not sensible people.

So we set out on the slippery pavement.  "Let’s just see how it is," I said.  As we tippy-toed gingerly down the street, we discussed the fact that we were already up, had consumed our morning crack coffee, and were bundled up for the weather.  It’s not like we could go back to bed at this point.  We might as well get some exercise.

Besides, we each have three children, and she homeschools hers.  When else do we get 40 minutes of uninterrupted conversation?

Well I’ll tell you when.  Never.  That’s when.

So we walked.  Carefully.

Our legs didn’t get the workout they were accustomed to.  But at least our vocal chords did.

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