Yeah.  I’m real clever with the titles this morning.  So I know that a lot of you are still not seeing my new BLOB.  But my expert installer Heather, who has been working tirelessly on this migration and is probably right now cowering under her bed, trying to avoid any more of my emails (just kidding! she would NEVER do that; she has been so great through this whole process), promises that “everything should be right by tomorrow”.  So hang tight.  Cause I know this is all you’re thinking about.  Sheesh, could I be any more self absorbed?

Oh, and if you are still living in 1950 and using Internet Explorer, for the love of all that’s beautiful, please install Firefox and use it from now on.  I promise you will thank me.  (And you might just see my blog, if you aren’t seeing it in IE.)

Meanwhile, enter my giveaway for the pashmina/silk scarf below.  It’s gorgeous.  And all you have to do is leave a comment.

So on a more personal note.  I feel so out of touch with y’all.  I’ve been so wrapped up with the gift guide and moving to WordPress and fielding pitches from PR people wanting reviews and giveaways before Christmas that I haven’t had ANY time to read blogs in WEEKS.  If it weren’t for Twitter, I’d have no idea what’s going on in blogland.  And my comments are still considerably less than what they used to be (with the exception of my post about boots – y’all do come out of the woodwork to discuss fashion!)  And I’ve been thinking.  I know.  Frightening.

But in all seriousness, I think I’ve allowed the business of blogging to crowd out the community of blogging.  And I’m starting to feel a little lonely over here.  (And yes, I remember well when I was thrilled to have 3 comments on a post.  I am NOT taking double digits for granted.)  But at the blogger luncheon on Tuesday in NYC, we were talking about how much we love the community we’ve created on our blogs and that the other benefits are all bonus.  And I truly feel that way.  But I think I’ve been so busy trying to keep up with everything I’ve taken on and all the emails that constantly fill my inbox, that I have lost sight of that.  And I miss it.  I miss YOU.

So I’m going to work on getting the rest of my blogs moved to WordPress.  (Heather, we WILL make it out alive.  I promise.)  And I am going to get this gift guide off my desk by Monday if it KILLS me.  (And it might.  But just WAIT until you see it.  You’re going to find SO many awesome gift ideas for the holidays!!!)  And I’m going to finish the reviews and giveaways I have lined up.  And I’m going to finish all the Christmas blog designs that are waiting on me.  And THEN.  Then I’m going to take some time off from the business of blogging and make time for the friends I’ve made along the way that I’ve been neglecting.  And I can’t wait to visit you all.  In fact, I promise to take sometime tonight and visit everyone who leaves a comment on this post.  I used to do that, visit all my commenters.  But I’ve gotten so lax.

Meanwhile my parents are coming this weekend, and we are celebrating my son’s 9th birthday.  Do you think they’ll notice if I don’t clean the house?  Because really.  WHEN will I fit that in?

So anyway.  If you’ve gotten this far without falling asleep, please leave me a comment, tell me what you’re up to this weekend, how your fall is going, what you’re eating for Thanksgiving dinner, ANYTHING.  Talk to me.  And I promise to stop by and say hello.

PS.  I met Kim on Tuesday, and her post today is EXACTLY what I’m talking about.